Posted by: illinigirl | August 12, 2012

Amsterdam–Day #3 (The one where I post 132789070123 tulip pictures)

As you may have read. . . it rained 85% of this trip.  Hey, it’s Spring. . . what are you gonna do?  We are VERY lucky that it happened to NOT rain this morning.  Thank you, God.

This was the morning we went to Disneyland for old people. . . a.k.a. Keukenhof!  Keukenhof is a ways drive out of Amsterdam through tulip fields to see beautiful tulips on display.  I literally could have spent a day there taking pictures. . . but an hour there was quite enough, given our hellish trip there. . . with tons of irritating people on our bus. . . with things repeated in four languages. . . while children screamed. . . and we made a million stops in a bus with no bathroom.

BUT. . . seriously, it was good when we got there.  🙂

Proof that it was Disneyland for old people:

Now, it’s time for flower pictures. . .

I think I want to put this on a canvas. . . loved this.

Yes, these pictures were taken from the bus windows. . . but the fields were just incredible. Had to take pictures. . . despite the fact that they are not great!

So many I could frame. . . but not sure what Jake’s tolerance for flower pictures will be!  🙂



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