Posted by: illinigirl | July 22, 2012

Amsterdam–Day #2

So. . . this day was a rough day.  CRAPTASTIC weather. Cold, windy, rainy. . . lovely!

Our first objective was to go to the floating flower market and walk around a bit.

Here are some pictures from the morning. . .

Near our hotel

There are tons of bikes in Amsterdam. . . it’s difficult to see, but this canal is completely lined with them.

And. . . now we’re at the flower market. 🙂 I would spend a ton of money every week on flowers if I lived here.

We walked from the flower market to the Van Gogh Museum.  This part of the day sucked.  The weather was crap.  It was raining, cold, windy, and sand was blowing in our eyes when we got near the museum.  My nose was running like crazy, and Liz was sneezing up a storm (She is allergic to Europe.). . . We were LESS THAN THRILLED.  We stopped to get a coffee to warm up and cheer up.

This was heaven.

We then braved the wind again and went to the Van Gogh Museum.

Here’s the skinny on that:

I love Van Gogh, but I hate museums.  . . as they make me hate people who are oblivious, annoying, etc.  I will never forget when I looked over at Liz, as my nose was running, she was sneezing, and someone bumped into me.  We both looked at eat other with death looks.  Haha.  I find Van Gogh’s life super intriguing, and I do love his work. . . so I would have been remiss not to go. . . yet knowing what I know now, and given the crappy day we had, I might have skipped it.  Oh well.

Moving on. . . another picture. . . more wet pavement!

Later that night, we ate and then went to a highlight of this trip for me. . . going to Anne Frank’s house.  I have been an Anne Frank fan since I was fairly young.  I read her book, and it began my obsession with her and the Holocaust.  I’d read the book three times between grade school and college. . . Liz started reading it again for the trip, and it inspired me to read it, too.  I’m so glad I did, as it was even more powerful to have just finished the book.  Such an amazing place and such an amazing girl.

Secret Annex street

Another shot of the street. . . with the Westertoren Clock she often mentions.

The Secret Annex

Tips. . .

  • If you go online and tickets are sold out for the museums, that doesn’t mean all tickets are sold out. . . just the advance tickets.  I almost started CRYING when all the Anne Frank House tickets were sold out. . . but they weren’t truly sold out.
  • Go later at night. . . No lines, no crowds.  It’s a very small, narrow building with steep steps.
  • Read the book before you visit!

The next entry = tulip madness!  😉




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