Posted by: illinigirl | June 21, 2012

Amsterdam–Day #1

Yes, finally back to travel blogging!

We arrived in Amsterdam in the afternoon and had a few hours to walk around before meeting up with a work colleague who lives in Amsterdam.  The best thing we discovered during this few hours?  Melly’s Cookie Bar, down the street from our hotel.  By this time, Liz and I finally mastered ordering coffee the way we liked it in Europe (which for me, mostly meant adding milk and 8 pounds of sugar).  We also found the most delicious windmill cookies here (a.k.a spekulas).  These brought back memories of being a kid, as my mom and grandma bought these for us when I was little.  We then had to stop here every afternoon for our dose of coffee and cookies.  🙂

Loved this spot!

Um, I could have taken a million pictures of the buildings on canals. This is one of my first pictures there. . . and one of my favorites.  This is a rare picture where it seems the sun is actually out and there is no rain.

Yeah, I am not into this whatsoever, but this is proof that there are marijuana cafes in Amsterdam. . .

We then met up with my colleague, Ewa and another co-worker from Wisconsin, Matt, who happened to be traveling in Amstersdam for work.  I was having coffee with my friend Amy the week before I left for Amsterdam, and she was saying she wished she was going so she see Ewa. . . who came to work with her once.  I got in touch with her through Amy, and she was wonderful about getting together, providing help and suggestions, etc.  She was really fun to hang out with to boot!

Ewa and I. Not the best picture, as I don’t have our picture with me and had to copy this from facebook. 😉

Not a good picture in the dark. . . but Liz and I in a wooden shoe!

She took us to a local bar for drinks after dinner. . .

The really cool bar. . . we sat on the 2nd floor and could see into the bar on the 1st floor

Liz and I at the bar

Fun times!



  1. I love Amsterdam! I think I have a picture of me in that same shoe.

  2. So all those spekulas I bought to bring home, I ate zero of them. What a missed opportunity!

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