Posted by: illinigirl | May 23, 2012

Barcelona Day #2–The rest of the day (yes, I have a lot of pictures)

Next we saw a few more buildings that Gaudi designed and a few by other people (yes, I know this is specific).  These were apartments for wealthy people.

One interesting fact we learned was that at the time these buildings were built, it was more of a status symbol to live on the FIRST floor rather than the top floor of an apartment building.  On the first floor, you could see and be seen.  😉

Apartment building (not by Gaudi)

A Gaudi building. . .

A nearby lamppost designed by Gaudi. The coolest thing (that I failed to take a picture of) is that there is seating in the lamppost with room to put heaters in them to keep people warm (back in the day). Gaudi thought of everything!

Another non-Gaudi (but cool) apartment building on the same street

More detail from the above building. . .

We took a quick peek in the Olympic soccer stadium!

The Olympic torch in Barcelona. . .

This area of town we were at was called Montjuic. There were tons of cool parks and nice views of the city. The area was built upon and improved for the Olympic games in 1992.

Zoomed in look

This is small so you can’t see that our eyes are closed! 😉 We were so thankful to have a beautiful morning for a tour so we could enjoy these views!

Here’s one with open eyes!

A sculpture of dancers. . .

Liz and I joining in the fun. . . 🙂

Then. . . we went down by the beach.

We went to eat in a gothic area of town (very cool and funky) called the Born Quarter. . . This hamburguesa was one of my favorite tapas in Spain. Um, caramelized onions on a baby burger? Yes, please.

This is where my memory gets fuzzy.  You see. . . it started to rain. . . and we were ducking in and out of buildings and were all over the place.  It’s really tough for me to keep all these buildings straight, let alone, remember the significance.  Sorry to our wonderful guide Paloma!  I remember things. . . but attaching those memories to pictures is tough at this point!

Some building I should remember but don’t. Maybe I will fill this in later. . . or maybe I’ll never remember!

A church! 😉

A building adorned with umbrellas

La Ramblas. . . a marketplace. I loved looking at the flowers.  The sidewalk “curve” is an optical illusion with the brickwork.  . . pretty cool, eh?

The Barcelona Opera House. Unfortunately, this beautiful building was very difficult to photograph, given it’s close proximately to other buildings and the dumb weather. . . so pictures will never do it justice. . . but it was a gorgeous building. Trust me.

Mosaic work on the exterior of The Barcelona Opera House

The ticket window. . . love the mosaic work!

Closer up. Yes, I love mosaics.  🙂

That night, I ate some amazing shrimp! I must say that after all these trips to Europe, I have finally mastered the shrimp beheading technique. . . and I ate this ENTIRE plate in no time at all.

I would like to document the fact that this restaurant had Viennetta. . . a dessert my sister and I LOVED as kids. . . and she would request from the store and then tell me I could only eat a small sliver.  That is total BS now that I think about it.  I wish I could go back in town and POUND that Vienetta like it was my job.

The now, “impossible to find in the U.S.” treat. . .

Um, it rained again that night. What a SHOCKER for this trip!!! Thank goodness I brought my raincoat because I used it every. single. day.

This was a great day. . . but holy cow, did we cover a ton of ground.  We were glad we had a guide and a driver. . . as it would have taken us many days to cover that ground on our own. . . and we wouldn’t have learned half as much as we did!


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