Posted by: illinigirl | May 21, 2012

Barcelona – Day #2 (Parc Guell)

So after  la Sagrada Familia, we went to a few other Gaudi spots.

The first being, Parc Guell, which I LOVED.  We were very lucky to visit this place on such a beautiful morning (a rare occasion on this trip!).

Gaudi planned this community with a few wealthy people.  It was meant to be a community of wealthy people living outside the city. . . a beautiful, nature-filled dwelling spot away from the city.

Problem:  During this time, the wealthy wanted to SHOW their wealth by building extravagant apartments downtown.  Who would see their beautiful homes in a private community outside of the city?

So. . . this idea didn’t really take off, but thank goodness it was started. . . because there are some really amazing buildings and pieces of art there.  My favorite form of art, much like mosaics, is trencadís. . . where he used pieces of broken ceramics in his art.

View from Parc Guell

Some trencadís. . .

One of Liz’ friends calls this “Dr. Seuss”-like. . . I can see that.


Adornment of a lady on the outside of the walkway

Trencadís on the ceiling of a pavilion

\ More trencadís!

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