Posted by: illinigirl | May 13, 2012

Barcelona–Day #2 (la Sagrada Familia)

This was probably my favorite day of the trip because we took a great tour of the city of Barcelona. . . the weather was really nice (at least in the morning), and I really liked Barcelona (as you will see by the fact that I had to download 107974017387 pictures for this day).

One funny thing that I didn’t get a picture of. . . Liz and I arranged for a private driving tour.  What I didn’t know is that we’d have a giant, Duggar-sized van with a P.A. system, a guide, AND a driver. . . all to ourselves!  It was pretty funny. . . but really nice!

I am braking this day up into multiple entries. . . because it’s too intimidating to do this entire entry all at once, and I’ll never be finished!)

The first stops were Gaudi spots. . . including la Sagrada Familia.  The Church of the Holy Family.

Gaudi took over construction. . . but it was a LARGE undertaking. . . without a lot of money behind it so it was not finished in his lifetime. . . and still isn’t finished.  It is not scheduled to be finished until 2026.  The design, materials, thoughtfulness behind this church was amazing.  Gaudi thought of everything.

Some of the most interesting details to me are are:

  • He used ropes with weights to model the arches for the church.  Computers have now proved that these are technically perfect arches.
  • He was not much into the details of faces and such on the facade. . . so he took molds of the tradespeople working on the church to make the faces.
  • The work is meant to mimic nature. . . no straight lines.  The inside is meant to mimic a forest.  I love this picture, in particular.
  • Gaudi died in 1926. . . he was hit by a tram near the church. . . and his life was completely dedicated to the church at this time, and he was living as a seemingly homeless person.  No one recognized him when he was hit. . . and he was taken to a homeless shelter, where he died.

Guadi designed the nativity side of the church. . .

The passion side was designed by another artist (forgive me. . . I cannot find his name). . . :\

Doors. Loved these. . .

Interior. . . by Gaudi. LOVE

Love the stained glass. . .

As you can see. . . still a work in progress.

Okay. . . falling asleep. . . must stop!  Goodnight!


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