Posted by: illinigirl | May 12, 2012

Barcelona–Day #1

Well, half day, Barcelona.

We started the day in Madrid. . . where it was raining.  We were not very interested in going outside in that so we had breakfast at our hotel before heading to the airport to fly to Barcelona.

I should say that while I didn’t portray the best picture of Spain in my last blog. . . but I really liked Barcelona.  Some of that was because I liked our tour a lot. . . some of that was because we had better food there. . . and some of that was because. . . I love Gaudi.

Check out info on Gaudi here!

There will be much more about him during day #2. . . but we did get to see a few apartment buildings he designed on Day #1, as our hotel was near a few of them.

Yet another super swankity-swank hotel. We definitely upgraded this trip in terms of quality accommodations.

Gaudi building near our hotel (Casa Mila)

Another view

I have absolutely no idea what this church (?) is. . . but it looks cool, doesn’t it? 🙂

Then. . . we were dying of hunger and went to a restaurant the hotel recommended.  Loved it.  Some of the better food I had on the whole trip!

More sangria!

Croquettes are easily my favorite food and tapas in Spain.  You had me at “fried mashed potato sticks with ham”

Croquettes. Um. . . love. Love. LOVE.

Some delicious shrimp. . . without heads! Unheard of in Europe!

Casa Batllo (by Gaudi) at dusk. . . love.

We got caught in the rain (this time, absolutely pouring). . . so we stopped for a drink. I had *shock* sangria! This one had approximately 1/2 inch of undissolved sugar at the bottom of the glass. . . interesting.

It did not stop raining. . . so we walked to the hotel in the pouring rain and were completely soaked by the time we got back.  I wished I had soap on the way home. . . I could have showered on my way back!



  1. Love the Casa Batilo at night picture! Also, your food pictures look like something from a magazine. So cool.

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