Posted by: illinigirl | April 19, 2012

Dear Europe

I love you. I really do. . . But there are some things I miss when I visit you:

1. Showers that are completely enclosed and do not splash water everywhere. Showers are not enjoyable when you are hosing down the entire bathroom.

2. People who do not cut in line. Rude and oblivious people everywhere. Oh, you must think I am standing in the entry of the bathroom because I am enjoying the smells and the ambiance? No, I am waiting in line for a toilet! Get behind me.

3. Crispy bacon. I don’t think it exists anywhere here.

4. Eating at any time of day. I do not enjoy many of the countries’ eating schedules. Restaurants that serve real food close from 11:00 to 1:30 p.m. In Spain and close again from 5:00ish to 8:30 p.m. I enjoy eating in these timeframes. Spain has been the worst in this regard.

5. Flat sheets. These are key. A down comforter means you are sweating throughout the night. Sometimes you just need a light cover!

That is about all my ranting for now. It’s been a great trip! Highlights were:

-Anne Frank’s house
-Tulip fields
-Barcelona tour
-Meeting up with a fun colleague, who works in Amsterdam

It’s been great, but It was not as easy of a trip, losing my grandpa at the start and missing my family, having the top of my foot burned badly and trying to walk (ouch and yuck). . . And missing the love of my life! Ready to go home!


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