Posted by: illinigirl | March 11, 2012

Luke Bryan and Jason Aldeen

Yes, way overdue. . . but it’s time to post about this concert.

I like both singers a lot.  I was initially drawn more by Jason Aldeen. . . but am now an even bigger fan of Luke Bryan.  For the record, Luke Bryan is also gorgeous.  😉

We sat towards the back of the venue. . . but the cool thing is that both artists played together for a while in the back. . . here are some pictures I got. . .

Here's how far away we were. . . no zoom.

My crew 🙂



  1. I just recently started watching CMT again and have noticed the lovliness that is Luke Bryan!!! Looks like a fun concert!

    PS – I am team Kentucky for AR – glad last night was non elimination – and I think the border patrol guys have a good heart – they are my 2nd choice!

    • He *is* lovely. . . 🙂

      I am still not sure if I have a clear favorite on the AR. I just have clear UNfavorites. . . Team Big Brother. . . and Team Dating Divorcees. Drama girl and MEAN girl.

      • I agree 100% – those two teams are so childish!!! I hope they both make major mistakes and get eliminated sooner rather then later!

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