Posted by: illinigirl | February 12, 2012

Update on TV Watching Poll

So on Friday, one of my friends told me I was strange because I said that I slept with the TV on all night every night.

I think much of this is because. . . I tend to get creeped out at night with no noise.  I think the only time it keeps me awake is if I happen to hear something creepy on the news in the wee small hours of the morning. . . like a story about someone abusing kids or a house burning down with people in it.  Otherwise, I can generally go back to sleep even if I wake up and hear something on TV.  That being said, I keep my volume very low.

My friend had a follow-up comment. . . and I’m curious about this, too. . . but I don’t know if all the people in this column will vote again.  I had five votes for option C (keeping the TV on all night). . . and one of those votes was mine.  For those of you who voted that way, do you live alone?  If you voted for another option, do not vote in this poll!

Regardless, with four other people voting in my category, I think it’s safe to say I’m not entirely weird. . . (in *this* respect, at least).



  1. My aunt lives alone and she sleeps with her tv on all night

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