Posted by: illinigirl | January 29, 2012

Things I’m loving right now. . .

I got a call from the lady at the Lancome counter to tell me about a huge free gift that’s coming.  I wanted to take advantage of that. . . plus, I needed a few things at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. . . and these things inspired a shopping trip that was way longer than intended.

Um, it’s cold here. . . and I don’t like the way fleece feels.  Thank you, Patagonia!  I own four of these in different colors. . . They are expensive, but I got these on sale at an outlet store.

Sweatery with a fleece lining

I am ALWAYS loving Fossil. . . but let me share my wish list with you, my friends. . .

I bought this today:

I already have this in gold and bright jewel tones. . . but I am loving the black, too.

My wish list:

I was trying to decide what shirts I could wear this with. . . but I couldn’t decide what I had that would look good with this. . .

I love crossbodies. . . I’m not in love with as many this year, but I’m digging this one. . .


Ok.  Bottom line, I love Fossil.  🙂

I had a great weekend. . . I hope you did, too!



  1. uh, that purse is amazing.

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