Posted by: illinigirl | January 24, 2012

My opinion on this topic will shock all my readers

I am not a big fan of politics and am usually an equal opportunity hater of candidates from both parties.  I feel as though I can trust NO ONE (that’s the former Illinois girl in me coming out). . . and there are major things about both parties that irritate me.

But let me make this extra clear.

I cannot stand the State of the Union Address. . . when ANYONE gives it.

There’s the:

  • Greeting
  • Applause
  • More stupid applause
  • How about an standing ovation?
  • More pointless applause
  • Grandstanding
  • Pointing out how great you are
  • Political posturing
  • More applause

This is not a knock on the President, as I am irritated every year I attempt to watch. . . and usually change the channel within five minutes. . . because it’s nothing but a long and painful political ad.

If I truly want to find the state of the Union. . . I will look for other sources.


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