Posted by: illinigirl | January 23, 2012

Let’s relive. . .

An old awkward moment I’ve never blogged about. . . I was texting with my friend Kevin today, and he always makes me think of moments like this:


Back in the day. . . at one of my places of employment, two employees named “Dick” had gotten themselves into trouble within a matter of a few weeks.  I could never remember which one did what. . . . and was just having a moment where I was struggling to remember who was who. . . and came out of my office, saying loud enough for the entire office to hear:


<Insert the entire office laughing hysterically and me falling over laughing when I realized how it sounded.>


(Please forgive the crude language.  It certainly wasn’t intended to be crude.  My dad has this name, for crying out loud.)



  1. I would have died laughing too

  2. That is so you!

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