Posted by: illinigirl | January 9, 2012


I am kinda proud of myself. . . Not really for the working out, as I’ve only worked out four times (I had plans a few nights last week, and let’s be honest, working out will NEVER trump happy hours).

I am proud of myself for the no pop* at work** thing. . .




Friday–zero at work (but one with lunch at a restaurant)

Saturday–yes, I had pop at work, but it was a Saturday for crying out loud.  If you’re going to work on Saturday, you deserve a pop.

Sunday–zero (even at home!!!)


I didn’t really plan this out or think I would stick with it.  It’s amazing how being crazy busy can make you forget about your bad habits.  🙂


*Please note, I am still drinking caffeine, but I only allow myself one Starbucks drink in the morning. . . and it’s water from there on out.  I’m not anti-caffeine, I’m anti-sweet drinks with sugar on my teeth.

**Please also note that I allow myself to drink pop away from work.  The goal is to not sit there and sip all day. . . if I drink at lunch, it’s very a very short sipping period.



  1. I need (ok, not really) one vanilla coke zero a day. I really should give it up for lent this year.

  2. I think I asked you this over on my blog (or somewhere here–I can’t remember). Are you anti-diet sodas? I’ve always been a good water drinker, plus, being overweight I don’t need any extra calories from soda, so I can’t tell you the last time I had a non-diet version.

    If you like fizz, I’ve recently started drinking seltzer. Sometimes plain water is just too boring. Also, I water down cranberry juice on occasion, just for some flavor.

    You are a smart girl, I’m sure you’ve thought of these things already. Just throwing them out there 🙂

    Oh, I will have a post for you on the mushroom soup shortly. It was…interesting 😉

    • I am very anti-diet. Ick. Cannot handle the taste!

      BUT that being said. . . I’m not stopping so much for the calories as I am the sugar on my teeth. . . and just the fact that it’s so bad for you. I go through phases where I can give it up and be okay for a week or two. . . and then usually cave when I’m super sleep deprived. I hope I can make it!

      I don’t know if I’d be a fan of seltzer. I don’t miss the fizz as much as I miss the sweet! I could maybe add a little juice to my water. . . but I wouldn’t do much, as it’s less. . . but still sugar on my teeth!

  3. Durrrr, GOOD JOB by the way!!!!!! You should be proud!!!

  4. LOLOL – I misread that – at first I thought it said “No poop at work!” That blog would have gone a total different direction……

    Congrats on kicking the sodas!!!

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