Posted by: illinigirl | January 5, 2012

Adventures in texting the wrong person

One of my friends at work was texting his babysitter. . . and also texting. . . a hillbilly friend, who is planning a wedding . . . and the texts got crossed.  Check out his conversation with the babysitter:

Um. . . this made me nearly pee the bed when he sent me this screenshot last night. . . . and made me laugh all day.  Luckily, she took it well.  🙂  He sent me the follow-up comments he had to make about how he didn’t really think she was a hillbilly, etc.

Amazing.  😀



  1. i have a good one to add!!

    so we’re at my grandma’s for christmas. my cousin disappears into the bathroom for a LONG time. apparently he encountered some problems and texted his brother, “hey, can you bring me a plunger?”

    only….it wasn’t his brother that he had texted but instead a stranger (he had just gotten a new phone and was trying to text his bro from memory). the stranger texted back “sure i’ll be right there.”

    after he figured out that he had texted a stranger, he texted the stranger again and said “the plunger was just for our holiday centerpiece.” to which the stranger replied, “don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

    it was a 217 area code, and i want to befriend this stranger because he or she clearly has a great sense of humor!

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