Posted by: illinigirl | January 2, 2012

Review of 2011 Resolutions Post

When I look at my list from last year. . . I had some successes/some failures. . .

  • Plant some tomatoes in my yard. (Was I on crack last year?  I didn’t even have any landscaping. . . not sure why I would have thought I would have done this.  Also, I cannot water things and take care of things.  It’s difficult enough to take care of my very expensive trees and shrubs.  Also, I saw many crickets, grasshoppers, and frogs in my yard this year.  I might just continue buying Campari tomatoes.  They are expensive. . . but delicious.)
  • Get my house 100% organized again (or for the first time, in this house).(Uhhhh. . . this never really happened.  It partially happened, but not really.)
  • Organize my closet by clothing type. (This actually happened. . . and I hit the *sustain* level of this one.  Impressive!)
  • Try to clean up more during the week so that my house doesn’t look like a trash pit from hell by Friday night every week. (I did fairly well on this one. . . particularly by the end of the year.)
  • Join a gym, seeing as it’s too flipping cold to run up here.  (Hahahahahaha–NO.)
  • Actually get to the point where I *want* to run. (This is never happening.  I just hate running.  You can’t make yourself love something you hate!  Please see when I made this discovery. . . in the middle of this entry.)
  • Stop the cellulite from attacking my legs. (Fail.  Probably because of the previous two bullets. . . and bacon.)
  • Get to bed by 11:00 p.m. every night(ideally, this would be 10:30 or 10:00, given when I wake up)  (For the most part, I would consider this a fail, but I did get better towards the end of the year).
  • Take more naps  (I nap almost every Saturday and Sunday now. . . and why the hell not?  I am single and have no children.  This is the time in life where I can have complete freedom to nap.  I don’t get very many hours of sleep during the week so why not give myself this weekend gift?)
  • Be more zen (Eh, fail.  Not a very measurable goal, but by any measure. . . Fail.)
  • Date more (I actually did okay with this one. . . not great, but I did go on dates with several people.  More than 2010!)
  • Stop sucking at blogging (Fail.  I got worse.)
  • Send more *real* mail to people (I actually did pretty well with this one.  I sent a few people presents out of the blue, which was WAY fun. . . and I sent a lot of cards.  Some for occasions. . . some for fun.  I sent valentines. . . which I would like to do again, if I have time.)
  • Make more time to cook (Mostly fail.)
  • Spend less time on the computer  (Major fail.)
  • Read more  (Eh. I  think I did okay. . . but a lot of this was *listening* on my drives to IL. . . I only probably *read* 6 books.  Not great, but not terrible.)

Stay tuned for a post about 2012!



  1. So what are your new resolutions? Also as for your *reading* I looked into this, because Madison used to like listening to books and I was afraid it wasn’t as good for her as actually reading, turns out listening to reading is just as great as reading to yourself or having someone read to you. It is because you are still using that part of your brain you do when you read. 🙂 So I think you did not fail! You can take that off your list! 🙂

  2. HANNAH!!!! LISTENING COUNTS AS READING!!!!!!! 🙂 It really does. I wouldn’t have the job I do if it weren’t for people needing to “read” while on the road 😉

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