Posted by: illinigirl | January 2, 2012

2012. . . Ready or not, here I come

Seriously.  How is it already 2012?

You know, I agree with people who say that resolutions are bunk because you should shouldn’t wait for the new year to make a change you really need to make. . . but. . . I think times like the New Year and Lent are a good time to take stock of where you are and where you want to be.  Plus, I think writing this stuff down makes me think about it more.  I knew my list last year was completely unattainable because some things were in direct competition with others. . . but it’s still good to put those things out there.

So. . . here are some things I want to work on this year.

1.  Seriously, I have to do something to be more active.  I’m not sure what that is yet, and I don’t really want to put myself in a box by saying I’ll join a gym or run. . . but I’ve got to do *something* and find what works for me.  At least in Texas, I always had dancing, whether or not I was running. . . and I was dancing two days a week for a while so that was a very good workout.  My legs, butt, and me need to find something else to do.

My friend Pam posted this on facebook. . . and I thought it was pretty inspiring.

2.  Another carry-over one. . . the organization thing.  My house is generally fairly clean. . . but behind the scenes, I’m not organized.  Here are some specific things I need to do to fix this.

–Have a super-duper shred fest. . . and then shred and file REGULARLY to not allow mounds of paperwork to build up.
–Reorganize drawers to have more room for storing camisoles in better order.  I have ~50 camisoles and tank-tops, and it’s so irritating when I want to wear one, but I can’t find the one that is the certain shade of pink that goes with the pale pink sweater in the morning.  I used to have a system. . . but now I have so many that my system no longer works.
Clean out my kitchen pantry and storage for optimal space and expired food.  BOOM!  Already completed!
Reorganize my bathroom and bathroom toiletries (I stockpile soap, shampoo, hair products, etc.). . . BOOM!  Already completed, as well!
–Clean out my car, and keep it from being my traveling office.  I am often traipsing around to multiple locations at work. . . and I end up with a backseat full of 12 pens, three pairs of safety glasses, a sweater, four notepads, and two bottles of water.  I need to purge each week. . . if not, each day!
–Throw away crap in my garage that has been hanging out for way too long.

3.  Entertain more.  I love entertaining at my house.  I hosted a party this year and loved it. . . and I used to do a lot more of this in Houston.  I need to have more parties and happy hours.  It also motivates me to clean really well and get projects completed.

4.  Make more friends here.  I have tons of friends. . . but not many here.  I have some friends here, but not enough people I can call on a whim and say, “Let’s do something” or that call me and invite me to do stuff.  This one will be tough because it’s just. . . tougher here than many places.  It’s going to take a lot more effort.  It’s going to take a lot more effort now because this is the time of year when I really enjoy hibernating.

5.  Get my financial crapola in order.  I still haven’t moved my 401k from my last company, and I don’t manage anything.  It just sits there.  This year, I should build up more savings because I am finally finished with all of the major new house purchases (landscaping, driveway, deck, etc.) and my car is paid off.  I’m in a very good spot financially, and I’m not bad at saving. . . but I’ve had a lot of expenses with this house.  This year should be a nice breather.

6.  Get a FRIGGIN TV in my kitchen.  Seriously, this needs to be a priority.  Sometimes I want to cook, but I don’t do it because I can’t watch football/basketball/Amazing Race/Modern Family while I do it.  I just need to find a person to come to my house and do the work and take off the time to deal with it.  This probably won’t happen until late January/February.

7.  Stop drinking so much pop.  Really, it’s unreasonable that I quit.  That goal never works, but I have some good runs of cutting back.  It’s time to start another run.  Aside from my teeth, this article is a motivating factor.

Those are my biggies.  We’ll see how I do!  Have a great “back to reality, back to work” week!  :/



  1. Good Luck with your resolutions!! My BIL just recently clued me into the awesomeness that is “Modern Family.” I LOVE IT!!! I always DVR it and watch it while doing middle of the night feedings with Jake – I laugh SO HARD!

    • Sara, I would never be able to watch Modern Family in the middle of the night or I’d never be able to go back to sleep! So funny. . .

  2. Yay on the TV in the kitchen! Move that up to #1. I cooked so much more and enjoyed cooking much more in Chicago where the TV was viewable from the kitchen. You’d think I’d keep the active resolution at #1, but a gals gotta have priorities! My suggestion…get a treadmill or elliptical that you can watch while you work out. BAM! You’re welcome;)

    • I love that you would move this to #1. You are so balanced. 🙂

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