Posted by: illinigirl | November 21, 2011

“It’s All Fun & Games ’til Somebody Breaks a Leg” Night

I deleted my myspace account tonight. . . but I had some blog entries on the site.  I decided that I would post this one to remember a favorite high school friends memory. . . (even though it happened sometime in college). . . Gotta love small towns.

Sometime after the year we graduated, a group of us were hanging out. . . and decided to drive out to the middle of the country so the boys could drink a six-pack. We are sitting out on top of our cars. . . one of the girl’s cars, and one of the guy’s farm car (covered in cow poo).  Someone got the bright idea that we should try and steal a sign. It was a REALLY STUPID sign. . . just one of those signs for when the road narrows (diagonal stripes. . . woo!).

It was decided that we should drive the farm car into the sign to “knock it over.” . . . so one of the guys gets in the car and drives up to the sign. . . only, the sign is very stuck in the ground and not going ANYWHERE. Well, the tires on the car were spinning. . . and spinning. . . and rocks pretty much buried the wheels. Yep, you guessed it. The car was stuck.

We tried to dig up the rocks, tried to push, tried everything for ~1 hour.

Then, we had the idea that maybe if we got the sign out of the way, we could somehow maneuver the car out. Two of the guys were on top of the car and one of the guys was below. They were rocking the sign back and forth. . . back and forth, trying to break the metal post. Well, there was finally a *SNAP*, and the guys went flying. H was immediately moaning and screaming in pain. He kept saying that something wasn’t right. . . and we helped him to the car where he laid in the back seat in agony. The whole time, T kept saying. . . “He’s just being dramatic. . . he didn’t break anything.”

In the meantime, the car is STILL FLIPPIING STUCK. We spend ~another hour trying to budge the car, only making things worse. So, let’s do an recap:
1. We have the sign.
2. We now need to take H to the hospital. 
3. The farm car is still stuck.

To add to that, two of the girls had to get home. . . but they dropped off J to get a truck to pull the farm car out. I stayed at lovers lane. H was chewing on a corn cob from the field to help ease his pain. . . however, T still insisted that he was fine.

After some time, J finally showed up and got the car out, and H was loaded in the truck. . . while E, T, and I met them up at the hospital in the farm car covered in poo.

We waited, and waited, and waited at the emergency room. . . where we sat outside, and T still swore H couldn’t possibly have a broken bone. Finally, J came out and confirmed that yep. . . BROKEN LEG. I think I didn’t get home ’til ~3:00 a.m.

I will never forget that night. . . The whole way home, T kept saying, “It’s all fun and games ’til somebody breaks a leg.” 🙂


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