Posted by: illinigirl | November 20, 2011

You know that I love you boy. . . Hot like Mexico.

Oh, Lady Gaga.

In my ride back to Mexico, my driver played that song and “Beer in Mexico”. . . sums up my life pretty well right now!  It was a fun week, BUT I don’t think I’m a beach vacation type of chick, as I suspected.  A few days on the beach is enough of me!

(Play this as background music if you’d like!)  🙂

So, yes. . . I just returned from Mexico.  I will share my observations and lessons learned:

I love. . . mojitos.  UNBELIEVABLE!  I am really not into cocktails and hard liquor, in general.  I don’t really like to taste alcohol. . . and my fun times in college have cured me of liking most any kind of liquor. . . but there are definitely some places that make phenomenal drinks that make me steer away from beer.   SO REFRESHING!`

I had them in the bar. . .

I had them on the beach. . .

Our resort was beautiful.  As someone who loves interior design, I was in heaven.  Even the bathrooms throughout the resort inspired me!


Part of the bathroom

Room again

Balcony area

View from the corridor to the tranquility pool

Atrium near the lobby

Hall from rooms to the lobby with water on both sides. Love.

Out of the hotel wings to the beach. . . Loved walking through this area.

Loved these mirrors and sinks. . . (Yes, I take pictures of sinks on vacations.)

Ooh la la. . . 😉

One of the lunch buffet spots. . . LOVED this view. . .

Difficult for me to capture, but the pool was beautiful at night. . .

Pool. . . We called this the "MTV Beach Party". . . I didn't hang out much here, but it was nice to take dips in and out throughout the day. Beautiful pool.

Horses. . .

I figured out that I don’t necessarily need a husband. . . but I could definitely use a butler.  We had butlers assigned to our area.  If our refrigerators were out of something?  Call the butler!  We wanted a movie?  Call the butler!  A critter was on our balcony?  Call the butler!  He also greeted me every time he saw me with, “Lovely to see you, Ms. ____.”  🙂  This butler idea really took wings for me with the critter assistance though.  I could really use this in my life!

There were A LOT of critters in Mexico.  Mexico was an above average critter vacation. . . then again, I think they are DRAWN to me, despite my dislike of animals. . .

The first night, a raccoon approached me on his hind legs. Of course, I ran and screamed. . . and he jumped up on the table and helped himself to my dessert.

These animals are called "coatis". . . and are the reason we stopped eating outside (aside from the raccoon). We saw as many as 12 of these swarming a table at once!

A small crowd

Not a fan of lizards

Well, hello there

The critter on our balcony. . .

We were pretty much the only non-couples at our resort (other than a creepy guy by himself).  We hung out at the lobby bar every night and met some great couples.  One night, one of the ladies convinced everyone around the bar to do a shot of tequila (even the creepy guy!).

The beach area was gorgeous.  We sat out there every day.  The only downfalls were. . . 1. A crowd of loud people there for a wedding.  Very challenging to read a book or relax with their loud yapping.  We had the great fortune that they wound up sitting by us two days in a row!  :\  2. The bathrooms were very far from the beach, but I got a good workout.  Luckily, I sweat out most of my waters, cokes, and mojitos.  🙂

Loved the morning when it was peaceful and no one was around but me and my book. 🙂

Buffets can get old. . . REALLY old after a few days. . . but our resort had specialty restaurants that we liked. . . with some very gourmet food.  Of course, I took some pictures.  🙂

Dessert one night. . . ooh la la

Marscipone cheese and pineapple. DELICIOUS.

Scallops au gratin in shell. . . I loved the presentation.

The employees at this place were PHENOMENAL.  We had excellent service.  Our favorites were our bartenders 🙂 and one of the girls at the front desk.  She truly went above and beyond to help us with a problem with printing our boarding passes and was beyond patient.

One of our favorite bartenders. . . Perfecto! 😀

I thought this picture of a margarita was beautiful. 🙂 WOWSA, this was strong.

All-inclusives are the perfect times to try all sorts of fun drinks!

Now. . . back to reality!



  1. was that a bat on your balcony (critter on balcony picture)???? i’m so jealous, especially after how cold it was here today. a beach sounds like heaven.

    • That was indeed a bat! It was dead. . . so it may have collided with our window. I discovered it when I was going outside to get my swimsuit off the balcony. I forgot to give kudos to Liz who ran outside to get my swimsuit and cover-up. GOD BLESS HER! (Granted, I would have worn another one and just use a towel and a cover-up if she didn’t go out there!)

  2. I liked the hotel pics and I have to say that I envy you after this past week of cold pouring rain. A beach is lookin’ mighty fine. Glad you got some down time and hope Brazil works out soon!

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