Posted by: illinigirl | November 13, 2011

Thankful #12 (back on track)

I’m thankful that I just discovered The Cooking Channel. . . Woo hoo!  They actually play a few cooking shows at night. . . and not just all stupid challenges that teach me nothing and do not interest me.  Hello!  Some of us who love cooking shows have to WORK during the DAY!

The past few hours, I’ve been watching the Voltaggios.  Um, yes. . . fantastic looking food.  I would eat Thanksgiving dinner at their house!

P.S.-I know I shouldn’t give a complaint on a “Thankful” post. . . but even The Cooking Channel does not have enough cooking shows at night!

P.P.S.–While I’m at it, and just in case they are listening. . . there needs to be more decorating shows on HGTV.  Real estate, schmeal estate. . . the market sucks and no one is selling.  Let’s see more pretty things!!!

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