Posted by: illinigirl | November 6, 2011


Some. . .

Things I want to accomplish this weekend:

  • Pack for trip to Brazil (using a carry-on only, per usual. . . but would like to somehow pack less) Complete. . . not not necessarily less than usual.  Oh well, still in a carry-on!
  • Buy travel size stuff
  • Buy a book (still debating on bringing the kindle). . . but buying another one, too. . . I think.
  • Do laundry
  • Clean my house (partial credit)
  • Do more Christmas shopping. . . Actually made a dent in this.  I almost have everyone complete.  I even bought flipping wrapping paper!!!
  • Start my Christmas newsletter. . . I am not almost finished. . . but I’ve already picked out all the pictures, edited them, and am starting the writing!
  • Sleep
  • Do some work. . . Fail!
  • Organize mail/pay bills. . . Fail!
  • Clean my closet. . . Fail!  Made it WORSE while packing

Other things I did. . . not on the list:

  • Bought a new camera.  Bought a tiny one. . . and way less expensive than what I normally get!
  • Had to order a new iphone.  It’s fairly difficult for me to hear people right now.
  • Saw friends and drank several beers.
  • Made and ate blueberry pancakes.
  • Booked all my tours for my trip
  • Watched 60 Minutes and cried at the story about soldiers.
I’m pretty impressed with myself!  I want to do more, but my eyes are drooping.  Must go to bed.

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