Posted by: illinigirl | November 4, 2011

Thankful #3

I’m thankful for my job and the opportunity to earn a decent paycheck.

When I accidentally withdrew $1000 from an ATM on a vacation instead of $100. Brilliant. :\

Not because I really need a lot. . . and not so I can buy a bunch of things.

But I am appreciative that I can afford a house and anything I need. . . especially when disasters strike (not so much an issue at this house).

Ah, the joys of home ownership in a old house. . . (but for the record, I still LOVED this house, despite all the headaches)

I’m appreciative that I can travel and experience all the amazing things that the world has to offer. . . and I can visit family and friends without hesitation.

I’m appreciative that I can help others without having to think about it.

I feel that I have always worked hard, and there is a lot you sacrifice in moving around the country and putting in hours. . . but it’s a price that I’m willing to pay for the above reasons.


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