Posted by: illinigirl | November 2, 2011

Thankful #1

People are doing this on facebook. . . BUT I’m going to do it here. . . because it will force me to blog!  (I know, I know, I suck these days!!!).  Rabbit is also doing this!  Great minds think alike!

Please note that during this timeframe, I’ll be on vacation in. . . BRAZIL. . . so I will not be religious about this. . . but when I’m here, I’ll write something I’m thankful for each day.

The number 1 thing I’m thankful for is. . . duh!  My parents!

Let’s start out with the fact that I wouldn’t even be ALIVE if it weren’t for them.  😉  Next, they are supportive, fun, and good people.

A failed moose watching attempt when I was in New Hampshire. . . unfortunately, I didn’t know my tips back then.  I should have done more studying for this trip. . . but it was a fun adventure nonetheless.  I love that my parents are dorks and are willing to be even bigger dorks in pictures!

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