Posted by: illinigirl | October 5, 2011

Interview with Myself: Stop Sucking at Life Edition

It’s been a long time since you’ve blogged. . .

Yes, I know.

What have you been doing?

Well, for the first time in my whole life, I have put sleeping in front of doing many things that used to be a bigger priority.  This includes. . . blogging, talking on the phone, watching late night television, etc.  These are things that I LOVE and very much miss. . . but it seems that I am getting older. . . and getting older requires getting more than five hours of sleep, it seems.  I think I partially don’t have a lot to blog about because I’m more uninspired by life than I have been a long time.  I need to shake things up.

That’s really lame and sad.

I know.   Can you please get back to the important questions?

Yes.  Yes, I can.  How can you tell when you are truly sick?

You mean other than vomiting or pooping my pants?  1)  I can tell if I am in the car and listen to a crappy song for an extended period without changing the station.  I usually don’t even listen to many songs I LIKE for the entire song. . . I am a constant flipper.  If I don’t touch the controls, something is wrong.  2)  I can’t eat chocolate.

Have you ever actually pooped your pants?

Actually. . . no.  I hope to never experience that joy.

Are you still playing “Words with Friends”?

Nope.  It was getting to the point where all I was doing at night was playing this. . . and I was overanalyzing every move.  It was ridiculous.  I believe it started the downfall of blogging.

What about the babies?  You haven’t posted pictures in forever.  They are growing up, and us readers are completely out of the loop.  How old are they???

I know.  I suck. . . but if you are my facebook friend, you see pictures.  They are almost 16 months. . .

If you’re wondering. . . I still love them more than anything.

What are you reading?

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.   It is amazing. . . a true story about WWII.  I have always been obsessed with the Holocaust, but I didn’t know as much about the Pacific Theater.  It is extremely inspiring and extremely depressing.  I’m not finished yet, and it’s going to take forever because I never feel like reading before bed and being depressed.

I think you need a vacation.

You are correct.  I really do.  I feel like vacations are what fuel me.  I’m not sure where I want to go. . . basically anywhere but here!

You never shared your Greece photobook with us. . . 

You are correct. . . I will do that soon.  You kinda suck at asking questions tonight.  Lots of statements.

Suck it.

You suck it.  Goodnight!



  1. i’ll have to read that book next (although i’m 2 books behind on my book club books).

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