Posted by: illinigirl | September 16, 2011

A very fitting housewarming gift

For those who are friends with me on facebook. . . you know that my life is a constant battle with bugs.  Well, hell. . . I probably even have a dozen (at least) entries about bugs from my blog!

Well, lately. . . it’s been crickets, grasshoppers, toads, bugs that look like leaves. . . and now. . . hornets. . . building a nest under my deck.  :\

They went to town last week. . . which was awesome because I discovered how bad they they were approximately five hours before my party.  I made an emergency call to an exterminator. . . but there was a nest. . . which he took down. . . which led to angry hornets swarming.  This meant no use of the deck and tons of my time being wasted dealing with this.

My friend Steve follows all my pest stories. . . and often gets texts for pest encounters.  He was coming to my party and texted me to see how things were going.  I alerted to him to the hornet issue.  :\

He and his wife showed up at my house with gifts. . . you’re probably thinking. . .


Nope!. . . more appropriate. . .

Pest control!

The store clerk thought it was interesting that they wanted her to bag Raid in alcohol bags.  🙂

Hornets are dead and deck is stained. . . just in time for. . . WINTER.  😛



  1. If you had pet bats they would eat the hornets…

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