Posted by: illinigirl | September 1, 2011


Let the rage continue.

If I ever saw a girl wearing this shirt, I would feel highly compelled to kick her parents in the face and knock some sense into them.




  1. seriously.

  2. I think all these “attitude” t shirts that some parents think are so funny are ridiculous. I saw a baby onsie the other day that had some smart ass comment on it in target (for the life of me i can’t remeber what it said now – makes for a really interesting comment i know….. pregnancy brain!) but when i saw it – i thought what person would put a saying like that on an INFANT…. some parents don’t have a CLUE!, seriously.

    I am glad JCP pulled the shirt, but who even thought they would sell a lot of this in the store to begin with… oh yeah I know who, the people who know that a lot of parents these days are bossed around by their KIDS not the other way around, like it’s suppose to be!!! 🙂

    (PS – AR – just weeks away… prepare yourself…. i hope there is a team at least somewhat decent to cheer on!!)

  3. there must be something in the water….I blogged a bit about this horrid t-shirt as well

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