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Interview with other people–1st Edition (Yes, this is long overdue!)

Okay, Lance had his turn. . . and I have a feeling he might want to brew up some additional questions.

It’s time to give other people a crack at this. . . Thanks to Jennifer, Jake, and Suzanne for participating (Also, Nicole participated, but I need more time for hers!). . . SORRY, this took so long. . . but this was FUN!

1.     Do you believe in the existence of aliens?

Yes, I guess.  I don’t know about the little green people in machines that landed in New Mexico. . . but I’m not above believing there’s life out there. . . somewhere!

2.     Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction? If so, describe the situation.

Umm. . . read this.

3.     What is your most embarrassing or weirdest experience while at the University of Illinois?

I’m not sure this qualifies as the weirdest. . . but I was just laughing about this the other day.  My freshman year, I had German class. . . than a 40 minute break. . . then an econ lecture.  I had both classes with a guy named Dave, and we sat by each other in both classes.  One day, I was walking in, but Dave was already sitting in our huge econ lecture. . . .  I walked in with a guy, who I thought was in my dorm room studying with my roommate for another class’ test a few nights earlier.  I said, “Hey!  How are you?  How did you do on the test?”  He said, “Eh, I did alright.”  We chit-chatted back and forth for a few minutes. . . and he said, “Hey, do you mind if I sit by you?  You are so friendly, and everyone on my normal side of the room is boring.”  I said, “Sure.” . . . and I sat by Dave. . . and this guy sat on the other side of me.  In the middle of the lecture. . . I realize. . . “WAIT, THIS IS NOT THE GUY WHO WAS STUDYING WITH MY ROOMMATE!  I HAVE NO FLIPPING IDEA WHO THIS GUY IS!!!”  I could not stop laughing!!!  Dave kept looking at me questioningly so I wrote him a note.  His response, “I hate it when that happens.”  Hahahaha.  Well, it would be a great story if I said I ended up dating this guy or something. . . but I didn’t even really talk to him much again, and I can’t remember if he even sat by us again.  I am such an idiot.

4.     If you could go back to school and get another degree in something completely different that you current degrees, what would you choose as your major? Why?

Probably something not as practical but fun that would likely not fund my current standard of living. . . like photography or design.  I just find those things fun and rewarding.

5.     Explain your thoughts on the proliferation of Dunkin Donuts in the New England area.

THIS IS CRAZY.  Seriously, people.  If you have never lived in New England, you can how no idea how crazy this is.  I lived in a town in NH with 26,683 people.  There are FIVE DD’s.  Here’s what you have to understand. . . half the people in this town seem to live in the woods so it seems like an even smaller town. . . so those location are quite close together.  Two are in grocery stores. . . but trust me, it’s insane.  (P.S.–talking about this made me miss living in New Hampshire. . . mmmm. . . scallops. . . Okay, back to the interview at hand!).

6.     If you cold only have one food for the rest of your life what would you choose?

Oddly enough, Lance asked the same question.  The answer:  pancakes!

7.     Pretend you have to plan an event and you have only the following supplies: a gallon of glue, 40,000 stickers, 72 newspapers, 90 cases of Red Bull, and a plastic gnome. What would could a person expect at your event?

CrAZy ScRApBOOkInG/cOLlagE PaRty!  Complete with a gnome for inspiration.  🙂

8.     What are your top five restaurants in the U.S.?

Capital Grille--A chain in several major cities. . . but AMAZING, delicious, expensive, did I mention AMAZING?  Worth every penny.  Steaks are unreal. . . but I love their sides most of all.  If anyone wants to go in Milwaukee. . . I’m GAME.
Lupe Tortilla (Houston, Texas)–I dream about steak fajitas from this place.  Holy God.  There is no way to explain this deliciousness.
 Dolce Vita (Boston, Mass)–I love Italian.  I love seafood.  I can have amazing options of both here. . . and they will basically make anything whatever way you choose.  Also, the owner treats you like royalty “Anything you want, I make it!”. . . and the atmosphere is fantastic.  One unforgettable night, Kerri and I were in the restaurant. . . and there was a singer, an accordion player. . . and a police officer joining in the fun song.  EVERYONE was clapping, waving napkins and having a blast.  Those Italians know how to have fun.  🙂
Cunetto House of Pasta (St. Louis, MO)–Is is clear that I love pasta?  My favorite dish here is Cavatelli con Pomodoro (pasta with a sauce of butter, cream, mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes.  HEAVEN.  HOLY HEAVEN.
The White Gull Inn (Fish Creek, WI)–Door County Stuff French Toast was voted breakfast of the year by Good Morning America in 2010.  I LOVE CHERRIES, and this does not disappoint.  Also, their hashbrowns are super crispy/buttery.  Also, their bacon is divine.  I should add that even if you are not a cherry person, this place is phenomenal.  My dad got something else off the menu and was in heaven.

Honorable Mentions:
Buckley’s (Merrimack, NH)–Yes, I also love steak. I ate here for one of the last meals before I left NH. . . and I ate two times faster than everyone I was with (I am a REALLY slow eater and NEVER clean my plate). . . I didn’t talk.  Hell, I don’t think I even breathed. . . just ate every last bite.  Kerri was in shock. . . and I ate faster than Bill, too!
LePeep (Champaign, IL)–I would like to point out that there are LePeep’s all over the country, BUT. . . the menus are different!!!  The one in Champaign carries a spinach and bacon omelette with CREAM CHEESE.  This is one of God’s greatest gifts.
City Coffeehouse and Creperie (St. Louis, MO)–I HEART CREPES.  My favorite is “The Freedom”. . . Strawberrys and bluberries with creme fraiche.

I could go on FOREVER.  Please notice that I have favorites in each place I’ve lived. . . and I could give a thousand more.  This is the best thing about moving around (okay, aside from meeting cool people).

9.     If you were able to transport yourself back to high school, what one piece of advice would you give to yourself? (Oooooo, tricky!)

Yes, this is tricky.  You know. . . I don’t know if I’d do much differently.  Part of me would want to tell myself to be less responsible and lighten up and have more fun. . . but I did have plenty of fun. . . just not fun with alcohol. . . and there was plenty of time to have that kind of fun in college. . . and even post-college.  🙂

10. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be (past places traveled to or places you want to try)?

I would love to go back to Italy and Greece someday. . . but I have other places I want to try.  Big hitters are:  Amsterdam, London, Paris, Spain, Ireland, Chile, New Zealand, etc, etc, etc.  Really narrowed it down, huh?  🙂

11. Out of all of your travels, what was your favorite thing that you’ve eaten (and where was it from)?

Steak with aged balsamic in Florence, Italy at Aqua al 2.  If you think this looks good. . . there is an Aqua al 2’s in San Diego. . . and I think one in DC now.  Same menu as Italy!

Pure goodness. . .

Everything was made with love in Florence.  Honorable mentions are for every single food I ate there. . .

Oh, and the amazing bread of Greece in Athens.  WHERE CAN I FIND THIS BREAD???

Thanks, everyone!


  1. Um, mine was weird…so no worries about not doing it!

    I love all of your food recommendations…there was a Capital Grille in Denver and I REALLY wanted to go, but didn’t want to take the kids, which posed a problem since they were with us on vacation and all.

  2. i want to go to london and go back to amsterdam.
    also, about 10 years ago we had some friends that moved here from boston. they would drive 30 minutes away to get a cup of dunkin’ donuts coffee. craziness.

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