Posted by: illinigirl | August 14, 2011

Times when it would be helpful to have a husband. . .

And how I have managed through without one. . . 🙂

As most of you know. . . I have moved around a lot.  Most of the time, I have moved to places where I know. . . no one.  When I have issues, it’s all up to me to figure stuff out.  This isn’t a pity party post by any means.  These experiences are character-building.  I am extremely stubborn and HATE asking for help. . . so sometimes, I do get very creative.  I am pretty freaking self-sufficient though. . . I kinda rock.  🙂

Problems with bugs–I have issues with cockroaches (Texas), crickets (Wisconsin), a wasp (Missouri), other identified bugs (New Hampshire).  These were dealt with in numerous ways. . . some by calling exterminators.  One incident with the wasp in St. Louis was bad enough that I went to my neighbor’s house, and she assisted me in trapping the wasp in the vacuum cleaner. . . Team effort!  I once called home when I was dealing with a giant cockroach when I first moved to Texas. . . just so I didn’t feel alone. . . but Dad was quickly irritated with being my moral support.  I remember the that conversation:

Dad:  I am a million miles away from you.  What do you want me to do?
Me:  I don’t know.
Dad:  Kill it.
Dad:  Big things can die, too.

An unknown beeping sound coming from my house (Texas)–I found my neighbor, who worked with me, and we discovered that the old owners of my home had a random smoke detector hidden in a really random place and not mounted on the wall.  Helpful.  :\  Speaking of smoke detectors, this is going to be a big problem in my current house.  All the smoke detectors and mountain on the ridiculously high ceiling.  I do not have any ladders even close to that tall.  I need to go ahead and line someone up who can help with this before it happens.  I basically just need a truck so I can buy a bigger ladder.  I have plenty of friends with trucks, but ugh. . . Have I mentioned that I hate asking people for help???

Thinking that there is a bird/bat/creature in my fireplace (Texas)–I duct taped a blanket around the mantle (duh) until I could have someone come over and help me with it.  An executive from my company happened to be in town for meetings and agreed to come to my house and look up the fireplace at lunch the next day.  NOW, to be fair, this executive was and is a friend, too. . . but still. . . a husband would have been nice to have to this instead of relying on high ranking officials in my company. #badcareermoves

Buying a ginormous picture and a large fake tree for my living room (Wisconsin)–Nothing about this weekend was safe.  I made TWO trips in a row. . . one with the tree. . . and one with the picture.  For those of you who don’t know. . . I have a SMALL car.  Driving with this giant picture was probably the least safe thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I had the seat pushed all the way forward, and I was basically eating the dashboard.  Good God.

Moving furniture (everywhere)–Mom told me about Sliders my 2nd move. . . LIFE SAVERS.  I recommend these to people who have husbands. . . because even husbands like these.  Fuzzy covers for when on hardwoods and plastic when moving on carpet.

Creepy noises when I am certain people are breaking in (everywhere)–I’ve had alarms. . . but also, I called 911 this year.  It ended up being something dumb, but I was SO FREAKED OUT. . . and there was no way I was going to go back to sleep.  Shout out to Liz, who was moral support!

Having someone to hang out with when you are being hit by a hurricane (Texas)–Luckily, my co-workers rocked.  I am so thankful for Staci and her family. . . but yes, this would have been a helpful time to have a husband.

Handling flat tires (Texas–times three)–All I can say is. . . TRIPLE A!  I had a flat tire on my rental car the first day I moved to Texas.  How I coped with that situation was that I. . . sat in my car and cried a minute (Moving across the country alone is stressful, and it was a hellova day.) and called the rental car company to wait on them.  It was actually a good thing this happened though. . . because it led to me getting AAA coverage. . . and they helped me four different times.  I recommend this to everyone. . . especially if you don’t have family or friends you can call on easily. . . It’s cheap!  One of my flat tires was in a bad area of town at 12:30 at night.  This was a life saver. . . maybe, literally.

Buying a new car (Texas)–I just did it myself!  I would like to give a shoutout to Stuart for this though because he is a saint and offered to go with me (Stuart deserves ~381070 shoutouts, as he did a lot to help me during my time in Texas and was an amazing friend.  Friends like Stuart made my parents rest easier knowing that if I was ever in trouble, he would help.). . . but I really didn’t want to bother Stuart with having to go with me to negotiate a car deal.  I used Kelly’s blue book and a few other websites.  I may not have landed an award winning deal, but I think I did okay for a rookie.

There are lots more things. . . like having to tear a huge section of my drywall out due to a leak. . . having to replace an air conditioner. . . huge painting and remodeling tasks. . . rats. . . etc., that would have been nice to have someone around for. . . but I know no matter what happens. . . I’m gonna make it after all.



  1. my husband = bug killer. that’s his job:) and i’m training my boys to do it too so i never, ever have to.

  2. Oh my, I hadn’t thought about the great fireplace bat/bird episode for some time. That really was funny, and to be fair…you not only duct taped the blanket to the mantle, you had it duct taped to the side moulding and the floor! A yeti couldn’t have broken through!

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