Posted by: illinigirl | July 25, 2011


Some of my favorite pictures. . .

My flight(s) were cancelled my first day. . . so I missed a half day.

Liz and I covered a TON of ground in a very short time.  We are basically amazing.  🙂

Liz looks a little skeptical in this picture. She was probably wondering if the person who was taking our picture had the capacity to take a picture after ~4 failed attempts. . .

Old Faithful. . .

Old Faithful. . . getting started!

Rot-roh. . . bear tracks!!!

Please note that when I was coming from the car to take these pictures. . . I totally slid down the side of a small hill on the side of the road and broke a piece off my camera.  Luckily, my camera still worked, and I only had a few scrapes!

Love this shot! 🙂

Elk and deer. . . hanging out.


Steam coming from geysers at sunset. . . I think this is the spot where I got approximately 30 of my 40 bug bites. . .

Hanging out at the Midway Geyser Basin at sunset. . .


Morning #2, we hiked to see Morning Glory Pool.  This was our third time on this stretch of the park. . . I must admit that hiking to this spot, we were a bit freaked out because we were in the trees. . . and due to recent events, I was not excited to somehow surprise a bear.  I couldn’t think of anything to sing to let the bears know we were there. . . so I kept going la-la-la.  Dang, Liz was lucky to have me around.  I probably saved her life. . . okay, maybe I was just irritating!  Hahaha. . .

Artemisia Pool

Morning Glory Pool

This was taken from a moving car (there was a car behind us. . . so we couldn't completely stop). . . This just might be my favorite picture from the trip. . .

Lazy, lazy elk. . . 🙂

Loved this trip. . . it was a perfect time to get away. . . I enjoyed looking at pretty things every way I turned. . . and enjoyed bumping in our rental car to fun music like JT’s Summer Love. . . Hahaha.  I think the elk were totally attracted to my tunes.

Stay tuned for more from the Grand Tetons!



  1. Beautiful scenery!

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