Posted by: illinigirl | July 23, 2011

Boston is still wicked awesome

This is my long overdue recap of Memorial Day weekend. . . Sorry for slacking, Kerri!  🙂

Sadly, it’s been THREE years since I’ve been to Boston.  This is ridiculous.  Here is my last entry from Boston. . . yes, that trip!  It’s been that long ago!

Kerri has moved to Boston to a FANTASTIC location on Beacon Street and was nice enough to host Liz and I as her very first visitors.  Her apartment is great, and she was an amazing host. . . having traveled with her before so often, I knew she would be!

We got in Friday night and started the night in the North End eating Italian. . . heaven.  I got pasta with seafood.  I had seafood for every meal but breakfast this trip (but I had clam chowder so early one morning that it was *almost* breakfast).  🙂

After dinner, we had wine at a rooftop bar. . . fun times catching up with my travel buddies and former co-workers.  🙂

On Saturday, we did a Freedom Trail 5K.  All I can say is. . . what the hell was I thinking?  I tried to run a few times before this trip, but it just wasn’t working out.  I discovered that I really, really dislike running. . . and that I should no longer be miserable doing something I hate.  I tried to do a few workouts before I left, but these were failures.  Bottom line. . . I was in such bad shape that this wimpy run was even a struggle.  The good thing is. . . we stopped a lot. . . and I learned a lot along the way.  I’ve walked the Freedom Trail dozens of times. . . but I’ve never taken a formal tour. . . other than a trolley tour.

I took pictures all along the way. . . but I don’t have to get carried away posting all of them.

Running along the trail. . . lucky we didn't fall over cobblestones!


Sadly, as many times as I've been here. . . I've never been inside Faneuil Hall. Pretty cool.

Two athletes. . . and me. 🙂

Skyline from the ferry. . .

Clam chowda from Quincy Market for lunch. 🙂

I guess I sucked at taking pictures the rest of the day. . . but here's another one of us drinking wine. I guess we had a lot of wine this trip! 😉

On Sunday, we went to one of my favorite places. . . MAINE.  A former co-worker and his wife have a GORGEOUS house near the beach up there.  They were nice enough to invite us over and take us around.  I loved every single minute of this day!

Breakfast before heading to Maine. AMAZING. The Food Network never lies with its recommendations!

Went to the Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine. . . somehow, I have never been to York other than to pee on my way to Portland?!?!? What was wrong with me?

Liz, Kerri, and I at the lighthouse

Danny and Pam took us to a great restaurant by their house. I was reminded how much I suck at eating lobster! It was Liz' first time, and she did a great job. . . but we did have an expert (Pam) close at hand. 🙂

Danny and Pam drove us up to Ogunquit, and we walked along the Marginal Way. Phenomenal. SUCH a gorgeous day.

My parents and I have Maine on our vacation home spot list for when Dad hits the lottery. I love so many towns there though. . . I can't decide where it should be. . . 😉

Us with Danny. . . so lucky to work with such a great guy!

We were so thankful to Danny and Pam for hosting us and making our trip that much better.

And Liz and I were thankful to Kerri. . . the hostess with the mostest!

Okay, can I come back now???  🙂




  1. It was such a fun weekend. Come back anytime. I promise we can skip running the freedom trail!

  2. i love boston. i took my brother out there for a weekend when he was looking at music colleges. i was reaaallllyyyy hoping that he would have picked one of them b/c i was looking forward to visiting there more.

  3. What a fun trip! Boston never disappoints, and Kerri is an amazing host. Thanks for not taking pictures of me running. However, next time, we can skip the running. Although, I’d like to point out – you did really well – You beat the grandma and grandpa in the group along with several others and you ran the whole thing!

    • Um, WHAT? You were clearly too far ahead of me to notice that I did not run the whole thing!!! 🙂 I walked on that damn hill. . . where the old man said to me, “You are the only smart one in this group.” 😉 . . . and I walked on the bridge. I am happy to say that I generally did beat the old couple and the two people with leg cramps. HA!

  4. […] Actually get to the point where I *want* to run. (This is never happening.  I just hate running.  You can’t make yourself love something you hate!  Please see when I made this discovery. . . in the middle of this entry.) […]

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