Posted by: illinigirl | June 20, 2011

Interview with myself–“It’s been a LOOOOONG time” edition

So.  Sigh.  Why do you suck so badly at blogging lately?

Well, I had several work trips and such going on. . . and my computer charger stopped working.  I couldn’t use my computer for a while, which was depressing.  Also, I’ve been trying to put sleep ahead of blogging, which is very wise and sensible.

Has anyone nagged you about your lack of blogging?

No.  I’m pretty shocked illini_girl’s dad hasn’t nagged me.  Pat texted me once to ask what was going on. . . but he wasn’t nagging. . . I’m pretty sure he was just checking to ensure I was alive.

What is the most annoying part about not blogging for a while?

I have been missing out on documenting my life. . . and things going on.  I might have to go back and add some entries so that I have the pictures and such posted.  I really enjoy going through this stuff well after the face than I do at the time.  It’s a way for me to go back in the time machine.

I’m going to ask you some random questions now.

Okay, it’s been a while, but I remember how this works.

Do you ever not follow the instructions on stuff?

Um, yeah.  Some examples are that I wash some stuff that is supposed to be dry clean only.  I have only destroyed two things in my fourteen years of doing this. . . so this hasn’t deterred me too much.  I mainly do this with pants now though.  Also, my countertop manufacturer says to only use soapy water to wipe the counters.  I like using clorox wipes.  YEP, livin on the EDGE, my friends.

What books are you listening to?

Well, I have several half-finished now.  I have to tell you that nothing will ever hold my attention or captivate me like listening to the Stieg Larrsen series.  Until I find something that is that crack-like, I will listen aimlessly. . . and cry.  Okay, I won’t cry.

In your opinion, what dessert is better to MAKE than to EAT?

Duh.  Brownies.  I would make brownies for the batter alone.  This is why my brownies are always extremely THIN.  🙂  Also, note that from scratch brownies (and batter) is even more amazing than the box kind (of course).

What’s your favorite color?


What shade of blue?

I love all shades.

That’s dumb.

You’re dumb.

I think it’s time for bed.

Me, too. . . goodnight!



  1. i’ve missed these:)

  2. So, if I send you some interview questions, you promise to answer, even if they are tough? Your fans want a real interview!

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