Posted by: illinigirl | May 10, 2011

Day #7-A song that reminds you of a certain event

Shout out to Mr. Kleiss on this one. . . This song reminds me of. . . Homecoming at my high school. . .

Can’t you hear it now. . .

“illini_girl is is the daughter of illini_girl’s mom and illini_girl’s dad from illini_girl’s town.  She has one sister, and a dog, Colleen.”, etc. etc., etc.

This was the song played in the background when Homecoming court was introduced and walked up the aisle.  I went to Homecoming a few times before I was in high school. . . when my cousin was on court. . . and a few times after football games with Kim, I think.  So I didn’t just hear this four times to build this memory. . . but also, this must be played ~71380741739072 times while all the people are announced so you hear it a lot.

I also went to Homecoming once after high school to see friends and was disturbed to hear Boyz II Men one time.  Now, this was a suitable song. . . it was just different and didn’t seem right.

P.S.–I just realized that I talked about Chicago two days in a row.  Weird.

P.P.S.–I did write a dog “Colleen” into the Homecoming script for me. . . but I actually didn’t have a dog.  We had a statue of a collie that my sister picked out with my grandma when we were younger.  It became a joke in our family because we knew we’d never have a real dog.  The dog sat outside, and whenever we needed to hide a key growing up, we’d hide it under “Colleen”. . . 😉


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