Posted by: illinigirl | May 9, 2011

Day #6–A song that reminds you of somewhere

Yes, I’m cheating and doing multiple songs. . . but they remind me of the same location so you’ll have to get over it.

This song reminds me of THE Assembly Hall.  Illinois basketball games.  (I originally posted one video, but there were half-naked girls in this video.  YEP, first frame.  Also, VERY explicit language–but this song rocks. . . so okay, replaced that one with the CLEAN version. . . just in case there are kids around.)  😉

Why does this remind me of THE Assembly Hall?

This is a song the Illinois basketball team used as a warm-up song during my five years of college (and maybe before or after that). . . No one heard this because this was played BEFORE the doors opened.  I would sometimes go to the games early to see Mom and eat something for dinner in her office. . . and then watch the guys warm up.  This is a song that only some of the Assembly Hall workers and yours truly heard.  I love this song and the beat. . . and seeing as it was a pre-game warm-up, it always got me excited.  Thank you, boys for your great taste.  I wonder who chose this. . . or if it was not a player?

There are plenty of other songs that remind me of THE Assembly Hall. . . there are songs the band has played since I was a baby. . . and probably since God was a baby.  I grew up going to games.  I was 4 or 5 years old when I went to my first game. . . and I went fairly religiously for being a kid. .  and I was fairly obsessed with the team.

The band always plays Chicago:

They always play a few other old songs. . . “Just a Gigilo” being one. . .

Oh, how I wouldn’t love to go back to ’84/’85, or ’90/’91 and watch a game again!  😀



  1. That would be THE Assembly Hall. Indiana’s barn is Assembly Hall. They don’t even compare with us!!!!

  2. Sorry, sorry, sorry! I would never knowingly compare us to Indiana. I will fix this.

  3. HAHAHA this reminds me of college too! But I went to a Big East school… 😉

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