Posted by: illinigirl | May 5, 2011

Day #2-Your least favorite song

This is also a challenging song.  I hate a lot of songs, too.  This is a song I’ve hated since childhood though. . . I just think. . . it’s boring. . . and slow. . . and boring.



  1. Here’s one of mine: “Swingin” by John Anderson (I think that’s who sings it). I gag if I hear it.

    • I’m happy to say that I’ve never heard your least favorite song, Nicole!. . . If anyone else would like to take a listen: (try not to gag!)

      • HANNAH! How did you grow up in central IL and never hear this horrible song???

  2. Swingin HAS to be top 10 sucky songs of all time! I’d rather jab rusty forks in my eyes than be subjected to the vile sewage that is that song – good call Nicole.

    Hannah – do you only hate the Clapton version or the original (Bob Marley)?

    • Glad to see I’m not the only one, Lance!

  3. I say good choice for least favorite song. I also do not like this one very well. I agree with your statement about choosing a favorite song as well. It took me forever to decide on that. I have so many songs that I like so much. But, it is kind of a fun challenge to pick songs for this. I have enjoyed it so far! I look forward to seeing more of your picks!

  4. Lance–I am an equal opportunity hater of this song. I told the people I was out with tonight that this was my pick for worst songs. One person in the bunch was APPALLED. You’ll have that. 🙂

    Kari, thanks for the fun inspiration!

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