Posted by: illinigirl | May 4, 2011

Day #1–Your favorite song

Are you KIDDING me?  I cannot pick a favorite song.  I have ~107901870937410734451 favorite songs.

Here is ONE of my favorite songs:

This is also one of my dad’s favorites.  It could fall into multiple categories. . . as it’s a song song that reminds me of someone.  My dad!

Why is this song a favorite:

1) It’s Billy Joel.

2) We used to have Billy Joel’s greatest hits in the cars.  The TAPE, people.  The cassette TAPE.  I remember Dad and I driving to football games together in high school. . . and on a few trips we hit “repeat” nearly the entire way to the game (most of the schools we played were 30-45 minutes away).  Dad would say. . . “AGAIN!” and hit repeat time after time.  (I’m sorry to any of my friends who might have been in the Suburban for these trips.)

3)  I still love these song after hearing it four million times.

4) This is the perfect song to request at a piano bar.  My dad always has them play it for me at the piano bar in St. Louis when he goes.  One time, the piano guy got on the phone and talked to me. . . when I lived in New Hampshire.  They changed the words to “Come out, New Hampshire” instead of “Come out, Virginia.”  🙂


  1. I had that on VINYL & 8-track!!! Darn kids………………..

  2. ok, i LOVE this song! And what I love about this version is that you can tell that he can really, really sing…not that he’s an average singer who’s made to sound good in a studio.

    I don’t think I could even begin to identify my all-time favorite song…

    • AGREED, Nicole. I really liked watching this video. . . oh, and I LOVE the freaking piano in this song.

  3. that’s probably my favorite billy joel song too. you have good taste:)

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