Posted by: illinigirl | May 3, 2011

Rule #5–You don’t waste good

I love the show NCIS.  Agent Gibbs (One of the best characters on TV, played by Mark Harmon) occasionally lists off his rules.

I decided to look on the internet and find out if there was a method behind the rules. . . Little did I know that people have actually tracked these. . . and little did I know how many have been shared. . . and the Franks/Gibbs rules?  Crazy!  These writers truly think of everything

Thank you NCIS wiki!  🙂

Oh, and I also found a good update page for NCIS, which could be really helpful for me.  I have ADD when watching TV and like to multitask, but this does not work well with this show.  If you miss a few minutes, you can get lost.  I also read too much into some parts and fall down rabbit holes I’m not supposed to care about.  This website will help me not have to call Mom after every episode and say, “Do we know that guy? How did they know that?  Did I miss something?”. . .


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