Posted by: illinigirl | April 18, 2011

Greek massage

I was talking to some friends this week and realized that I never blogged about this.  I am going to have to change words in this entry so I don’t end up as a website for *naughty* searches. . .

Liz and I got massages in Greece, and they were wonderful. . . but wow, it was a different experience than any I’ve had in the U.S. in terms of the level of nud ity and discretion.

First off, Liz and I wanted our massages to be on the cliffside, but we would have to have our massages together to do this.  Um, luckily there was a breeze so he wouldn’t do them outside.  This would have been a little weird.  The rooms were super cool. . . it was in a traditional cave house built into the side of a cliff.

Blurry and not a really good view, but you kinda get the idea.

My dude gave me a little string paper thing to wear as underw ear.  And you know how in the U.S. they will generally have you covered up. . . except for where they are working?  NOPE, here, the sheet came off and rippled down onto the floor.  Hello b utt arse n aked with a little paper underw ear!  (This is why he wouldn’t do them outside.  He said we would get cold with the breeze. . . um, yeah, we would have been, seeing as there was no coverage!)

At one point, he had my leg bent back to my back, and was practically laying on top of me while rubbing my shoulder.  I almost wanted to start cracking up because I can’t imagine what this looked like. Normally they might kind rub your gluts through the sheet. . . or just rub it a little. . . nope, this was a full on rub-down.

Then on the front, he had a a small towel folded up over my stuff, and no sheet again.  Also. . . he used 2 gallons of oil, and it was warm in the room.

When I was finished, I went to the bathroom to start showering, and Liz wasn’t finished yet.  She knocked on the door, and I answered in my robe. . . I was beet red, wild and tousled hair, and all oiled up.  She just burst out laughing.  It looked like the guy had his way with me.*

I had no complaints. . . it was super relaxing!  I recommend massages on every vacation!

*Note:  I’m 99% sure that this guy didn’t like girls so there was no actual funny business. 🙂



  1. wow, that’s a massage. are you sure that you should have been paying him instead of the other way around? 🙂

  2. Describe it again………..slower…… :o)

  3. Thank goodness Alessandro (sp?) talked us out of the roof top version of this massage. Could you imagine? I still crack up thinking about the encounter in that hallway by the bathroom.

    I need a vacation and a massage!

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