Posted by: illinigirl | April 5, 2011


AHHH! I missed the actual date. . . but March 30th was my WordPress Blogiversary!

Yes, I’ve been doing this for THREE YEARS. . . well, three years on WordPress. . . but many more years on another site.  (That site is dead, which partially makes me sad and partially makes me feel relieved. . . because I probably should have been more private about it.  Started going back and making entries private, but it’s difficult when you have hundreds of entries!)

My stats aren’t that impressive because I’ve sucked at blogging for the past year and particularly in the past few months.

But. . . here are the facts:

I’ve made 837 posts. . . and had 1,986 comments.

My most popular search term leads people to an entry where I tried to give wedding reception song receptions.  I need to update that entry because it has potential. . . but it fairly lame. . . and seeing as ~600+ people have visited that entry, it should be ROCKSTAR quality.  My favorite search terms revolve around “dragon poop.” . . .

I’m thankful for getting to know some of you better. . . some of you, who (crazy enough), I only know through blogging!  And some of you that I knew but am much closer with through blogging.

I’m also thankful for lurkers. . . but it’s fun when I’m out, and someone says, so-and-so sent me your blog, and I read it all the time.  It makes me feel as though I’m not talking to a wall!

I’m most thankful for my most faithful follower. . . illini_girl’s dad.  🙂

Also, I have to give another shoutout to my friend Erin. . . what she is doing is so freaking cool.  I have been so interested in her LENGTHY hike and how she was going to pull some of this off. . . but she is answering all my questions in her blog (without me even asking!).  🙂 The technology she has is so amazing, too. . . so we’ll be able to follow her on the trail!  Also, her twin sister and best friend (and also my friend!) is pregnant and will be having the baby while Erin is on the trail.  I’m so glad she’s still making her journey, but I know it will be rough.  We will cheer her on though. . . Please check it out! . . . it’s an extremely interesting blog!





  1. Happy Blogiversary!

    AR is back this week!! Thank goodness!! 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary Hannah! Thanks again for the shout out. I like looking at those stats too. Only 3 wks left and I have a handful of posts I still want to squeeze in before I go. Hoping to get time for all of them!

  3. Congrats! Here’s to 3 more years…and beyond!

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