Posted by: illinigirl | April 3, 2011

Words with Friends

This is my latest time waster. . .

Words with Friends. . . a Scrabblish cell phone app.

Here’s what I’ve learned. . . I generally don’t like playing with people I know. . . other than my sister.  Maybe it’s because I have the most fun playing with her?  I don’t know.  I’m going to start playing with my BIL, I just don’t want to have too many games going, seeing as I obsess.

My sister and I were talking about this today. . . and she said she and her co-workers had this discussion about how this game doesn’t necessarily teach you new words. . . just words you can get away with using in WWF.  We have no idea what these words mean.  Here are some examples:


I have no idea what this means.

Definition from  Variant of chi (ahh, I know that word). . . vital energy believed to circulate round the body in currents


My sister’s definition:  part of Nard-dog (A nickname for Andy Bernard on “The Office”)

Definition from  an aromatic Himalayan plant, believed to be the spikenard,Nardostachys jatamansi,  the source of an ointment used bythe ancients. (Okay. . . pretty sure I won’t be using that in a sentence any time soon.)


Definition from Napoleon Dynomite:  the animal that would result if a lion and a tiger made babies

Here’s what I learned. . . HOLY CRAP, they exist!  No wonder WWF recognizes this!  😉  They are zoo bred though. . . and not found in the wild.  Very interesting.


Some dude used this in one of my games, and this is not recognized by . . yet is recognized by WWF.  What the hell is this?  No wonder I didn’t know this word.  Suck it, greenbird.


I think I may have used this one. . . but it’s not recognized by . . which makes sense because I had no clue this was a word.  I guess I got the call in this round!

There are a ton of other words like this. . .

I guess WWF will not be helping me to expand my vocabulary!




  1. i don’t know what qat means but i use it all the time.

  2. I don’t have a smart phone… but I did buy an electronic scrabble game on cleareance from K Mart to give myself for CHristmas this past year —- the first 10 nights I played it I literally cussed and called the game a lying SOB because it “made up” similar words that i have never heard of. And therefore won each game.
    And like you – instead of it expanding my vocabulary it is just teaching me ways to “cheat” like it does to win! 🙂

  3. qat (according to wikipedia)– is a flowering plant native to tropical East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. 🙂

    I hope my sister doesn’t see this word and try to use it now. . . 😉

  4. So, what is your name for scrabble? I have the game on my ipad.

  5. I’m the opposite. I prefer playing with people I know. I’m rchgrl if you ever decide you want to play a non-random 😉

  6. Hannah! WWF is my new Ipad obsession. I have at least 8 games going right now with my brother, sister, cousins and some friends from grad school. If you ever decide to play with folks you know my name is cdebra72:)

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