Posted by: illinigirl | March 6, 2011

My friend Erin, Hiker Extraordinaire

I’ve blogged about my friend Erin numerous times. . . She and her sister Siobhan lived on my dorm floor at Illinois.  BUSEY-EVANS, HOLLA’!  🙂

She was our Portland hiking tour guide. . . Actually, we did a ton of cool hiking with her!  Here’s another one. . .

And she and her sister ROCK and do all sorts of marathons and athletic events that make me hurt just thinking about them.  🙂

Well, she is getting to embark on an insane exciting journey. . . She is getting ready to hike the Pacific Coast Trail.  YES, this is a trail that runs from MEXICO to CANADA and is 2,650 miles long!!!!!!

I cannot even imagine such a thing. . . but I’m so excited for Erin and can’t wait to hear about the preparation and the hike ahead!

Please visit her blog and cheer her on: (I will add it to my blogroll, too!)

She took some pictures for facebook of the food and gear she had to bring for a 15 day hike and how compact she was able to make it.  It was incredible!  I can’t wait to see her prep for this hike!




  1. Thanks for the support Hannah. I’m honored to to get a guest spot on your blog!

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