Posted by: illinigirl | February 13, 2011

The loves of my life

These are the current apples of my eye. . . dang, I love them more than anything!  (For the record, I love ALL my family members, but these little ones rate higher because of cute points!)

Miss Tessa. . . she is too cute for words.  Such gorgeous eyes, and just loves sitting and playing.  Looks exactly like her mom.  Is starting to make the smiling face where she CHEESES it and spits.  Loves listening to people and taking it all in.  She doesn’t always take to strangers well, but thank God she still loves me and never acts weird around me. . . it’s either because I look like and talk like my sis. . . or because she can sense that I’m her Godmamma.  🙂


Mr. Tyson. . . His giggle is still my favorite thing.  He loves his Johnny Jump-up.  He hates his baby vegetables, and I don’t blame him because they kinda make me gag, too.  He is still a big and heavy boy, but doesn’t seem like quite the fatty he was; less chinny.  🙂  My favorite thing over the weekend was him looking in a little mirror attached to his blanket and catching him smiling in the little mirror at himself a few times.  So cute.


Great weekend!

In other news, as a reminder about what love really is. . . I reread my favorite post about what love means to me.

And yes, I love you.  Well, most of you. . . who I actually know and aren’t creepy stalkers.

Happy Valentines Day  XOXO  🙂



  1. Sweetie lookin’ kiddos!!!!! good to hear from proud Auntie Hannah! Keep takin’ those pictures.

  2. Cutest babies ever…I might be a little biased! They were both being really silly when they got home from the sitter today. 🙂

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