Posted by: illinigirl | January 31, 2011

20 Random Things

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. . . but this time, it didn’t take much time to compile my list.  Weird.

1.  I like Law and Order SVU, but it freaks me out too much living alone to watch seeing as there’s tons of creepy crimes to women.  I haven’t watched much since college.

2.  I would get approximately 10790173094713 more things accomplished over the weekend if I could just stay. off. the. computer.

3.  One of my managers says that guys only really find their own kids cute, and don’t really care about other kids.  Is this true? (I don’t bother showing him any pictures of the twins, but some of the other guys with kids, I do.)

4.  I was tired of snow approximately one month ago.  It’s still snowing.  It very well could be snowing two months from now.  *sigh*

5.  I was in math contests and a chemistry contest in high school.  I find this extremely funny now.

6.  I love valentine’s day.  I want to send out valentines this year.  In fact, I want to send out valentines every year. . . and sometimes buy them.  I have only succeeded in actually doing this once since being an adult.  Maybe this year will be different.  It is “the year of snail mail”, after all. . . and my friends rock at sending me cards. . .

7.  I miss dancing so much. . . that when “Dixieland Delight” came on the radio Saturday night, I polkaed around my house. . . by myself.  Dang, where are all the cowboys and dance halls up in this joint?

8.  I really want a flat screen in my kitchen.

9.  I really don’t want to deal with getting cable and such in my kitchen and dealing with the whole thing.

10.  I’m certain I would cook more if I could watch TV in my kitchen. . . yet part of me loves just having on jazzy music or old school alternative stuff on when I cook.

11.  Yes, I know those are very different music types.  Depends upon my mood.

12.  Now that all my trips have been canceled/put on hold, I’m bummed not to have any travel to look forward to in the near future. . . BUT, I will get to see Liz M. in March, who is coming to town for a wedding. . . and we’ll get to see our buddy Jim and meet his future wife! 🙂  Also, it will be a reason to wear one of my new dresses.  I’m a little sad to admit that I still have cute dresses that I haven’t even worn in previous years.  :\  This is weird considering the number of weddings I attend. . . ?  I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND.

Jim, Liz, and I at Alcatraz. What a flipping fun trip. 🙂

13.  I’m working such odd hours now, that I have decided to stockpile food.  I have two drawers with food in them now.  This pleases me.

14.  I am still debating about the Illinois 10k.  I mean, I’ve never done a 10k, but I know I *could* do it.  Although. . . I would really suck with no training. . . and I don’t know how I would make time for training. . . and don’t know that I really want to join a gym to run on a flipping treadmill.  Still pondering.

15.  I have several friends on facebook from other countries.  I can only half-read the German posts. . . and the rest of my friends. . . yeah, I don’t know what they are saying.  This being said, I just noticed that my Greek friend defriended me.  This is okay with me.  I can’t believe he asked to be my friend anyways.

16.  I am still facebook friends with a guy who worked at the office store who printed my Christmas newsletter last year.  🙂  This cracks me up, and I can’t believe he has put up with me and all my status updates this long!

17.  It’s extremely difficult for me to go as long as a month without seeing the babies now.  :\

18.  I have no idea what I’m going to read on my next trip.  Harry Potter is not doing it for me these days for audio books.  Any more suggestions, people?  I MISS LISBETH!  I still remember where I was in the trip when certain things happened with her. . . especially the points where I was screaming at my radio.

19.  I have had a really bad few weeks with a lot of stress. . . and where everyone around me is even more stressed than I.  You know that I’m a fairly optimistic person, but your patience can get tested when everyone around you is cranky.  I’m still reminded how lucky I am every week to work with such great people.  I’m also lucky to have such great support outside of work.  Thanks to everyone for dealing with my emotional butt over the past few weeks.  As my co-worker says every day, “This too shall pass.”

20.  I should NOT be awake right now.  Dad, I hope you appreciate this long entry.  🙂



  1. wait, what happened to your europe trip in april?

    • Had to postpone b/c of work. 😦

  2. regarding the flat screen in the kitchen….my advice is DO IT. jk and i were bargaining over this for a long time (i was pro, he was anti). when we stumbled into a free flat screen hand me down, perfect for the kitchen, he agreed. this was the BEST. MOVE. EVER. i definitely do more cooking than i did before, and i am even more on top of dumb kitchen chores (dishes and crap) b/c it is enjoyable to watch food network or sports or something and be able to do stuff. it really did not end up being too big of a pain to get the cable in there. we had our electrician do it.

    do it do it do it! 🙂

  3. What the heck have I been doing…..I missed this one!!!! Save your money and send me to the MASTERS. That would get a vote for favorite daughter!

    • I am already the favorite daughter. . . so I’m not sure why that is up for debate! (Let’s see if Sar comes back and notices this!) 🙂

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