Posted by: illinigirl | January 26, 2011

Had a bad day again. . .

Said I would not understand.  She slammed the door and said, “I’m sorry I. . . had a bad day again.”

Okay, I mostly had good days in college.  Hello, I wasn’t WORKING for real yet. . . how are you going to have that bad of a day?  🙂

However. . . whenever grades would be posted for a test, i would never want to see them until I was having a (relatively) bad day.

–Sun is shining?  Have great plans for the night?  In a really good mood?. . . Nope, not walking by the surveying building to look at my grade.

–Rainy?  Nothing is going my way? . . . Okay, what do I have to lose?  I’ll go to the flipping surveying building.

Oh, and P.S.–My grades were rarely ever bad (okay, except my upper level Econ, which was curved in the end). . . but it was just the thought they *might* be bad.

The question is. . . when you’re having a bad day, and still have to deal with something else unpleasant should you. . .

a) Deal with the unpleasantness and make it an all-out craptastic day and get it over with. . .


b) Cut your losses, go to bed, and save additional craptasticness another day?

I’m voting b.

Goooooodnight. . . and I hope the sun’ll come out tomorrow!



  1. i feel the need to tell you that one time i got a 24% on a fin 254 test. i think it ended up curving, but still….THAT was a bad day. when you wrote about checking grades at the surveying building, that DAMN fin 254 grade came straight to the front of my brain.

    i also vote b, on a side note! 🙂

  2. I think I almost cried on the way home from a FIN 254 test. My TA was great in that class, but he said that we looked as though we were all in physical pain during that test. :\

    It’s really a shame we lived the same life but didn’t hang out then. . . BUT you would have simply distracted me and caused me to get poor grades, I feel. 🙂 Unlike my study buddy Luke, who would say. . . “Okay, we can talk in 15 minutes. After we get through the next few problems.”

    We would probably never stop talking. . . or laughing. 😀

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