Posted by: illinigirl | January 20, 2011

Drivers Ed

My friend Staci wrote me tonight and said she was driving with her daughter (and it seems impossible that she could be old enough to drive!!!).

Our emails reminded me of something I experienced (for the 1073107240387th time) last weekend. . .

Whenever I am driving and Dad’s in the front seat, it’s like I’m 15 with my learner’s permit.

Examples of this back in the day:

I am going 30 mph. . . in a residential area on the edge of town in my small town.  Field on my left, houses on my right.  No one in sight.
Dad:  SLOW DOWN!!!  Why are we going so fast???
Me:  I’m driving the speed limit.  30 mph.
Dad:  Is that what you’re going to tell a parent after you hit their kid?
Me: ??????

Next time we are in the car. . . I am going ~20 mph in the same area thinking that this will be more acceptable.
Dad:  J*C*, why are we going so slow???????
Me:  Because last time, you made me feel as though I would hit a non-existent kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another time in the car, there is a train blocking off our side of town.  I turn around and try to go to another set of tracks to beat the train.
Dad:  Why would you do this???  You’re better to just wait it out.  You’re never going to beat this train.

The next time we’re in the car, there is a train again.  I am sitting there waiting for it to pass.
Dad:  Why are we sitting here???  Try and go to another point in the tracks and beat it!
Me:  *Sigh*

Last weekend, I had several similar moments.  Good thing I love him so much or I’d want to deck him!



  1. I don’t understand the sighing and ????.

    Number 1, I’ve driven with you.
    Number 2, Dad’s are always right and it’s our job to provide you with life learning lessons.

    I am sure that last weekend he was simply doing his job as a dad.

  2. My Favorite experience with him…
    Driving the speed limit through town at 10:30pm.
    Dad: Slow down what if a kid runs out in the street???
    Me: If a kid is out playing in the street at 10:30pm, he deserves to get hit!

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