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Food in Greece

YES, I never finished blogging about Greece.  Still have to talk about one of my favorite days. . . but first. . . always a popular thing. . . MY FOOD in Greece.

Now, let me just say, I’m not a fan of the most popular items in Greece. . . Greek Salads & Greek Yogurt (Liz got her fill of those!). . . and I’m not really much into the idea of gyros. . . BUT I am in love with the bread and the fruit. . . and other stuff.  Their fruit was just so. . . amazing.  Liz and I talked about it last night, and so I had to blog about it.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures from our meal in Antiparos (where we had fish and octopus) because we didn’t have cameras, and my kayaking dude has never emailed me pics.  😦

Here are some of my food pictures in Greece:

Brownies on the plane--Made with LOVE. 🙂

Cheese crepes at our hotel upon arrival. They were good, but it was SO stinkin' HOT outside, we ate outside, and these were hot. . . so not the best choice!

A pocket full of cheeses at dinner one night in Athens. Don't remember what these were called.


Best. Bread. Ever. (As in, best bread I've EVER had in my WHOLE life.) From Kiliza in Athens. We went back there our last night to buy more bread before we left, and they wrapped up two warm pieces like this and gave them to us for free. How nice is that???

It was HOT, HOT, HOT this day, and we found a place to eat outside with shade and misty fans. Fruit and ice cream was a perfect lunch! 🙂

Tomato salad in Santorini our first night. 🙂 I know Sarah T. would like this!

Shrimp. . . and yes, they don't take the heads off of their creatures. I'm surprisingly okay with that. Liz is not!

Favorite dessert spot in Santorini. Yes, we went here every night, and yes, they recognized us there. 🙂

Creamy spongey cake with chocolate sauce. This was GOOD.

Breakfast our first night. Hotel breakfast didn't begin until 9:00 a.m., and our massage was that time. Island time = late breakfast! Yes, I love white chocolate. This is a White Chocolate Krunch bar. Yes, for breakfast.

Turkey on our boat cruise. This was delicious. . . hmmm. Perfect flavor.

Hotel breakfast. Delicious Apricots. Mmm.

The yuckiest drink I've ever had. . . giant chunks of ice and SUPER strong. At least the view from the bar into the sunset was lovely!

Tomato fritters, a Santorini specialty

And yes, I was a big fan of the tomato fritters, if you were wondering. . .

The Galaxy Cafe in Paros. . . loved their fruit and bread!

Pizza. . . with a salad on top???

Cherry Creme Cake. LOVE. Love. Love. . . and loved the store this was in. Not the best pic, as I nearly dropped the thing so it was tossed around on the walk back to the hotel.

Omelette at the Galaxy Cafe. . . LOVED the addition of tomatoes. I also had fruit. Loved this breakfast!

I ♥ this juice. I wish I could get it in the U.S.!

Bread with cheese baked in and another delicious apricot. . . we went to a bakery at lunch and bought tons of things to try.

A breadsticky thing?

Not entirely sure what this was, but it was pretty good.

This was nothing to write home about. . .

A cookie, a bit boring

This was the winner. . . Liz bought this cookie, and the powdered sugar made all the difference. We bought more of these the next day.

Bruschetta the owner of Karina's Cafe gave us for saying that our hotel lady, Fiona, had sent us.

Pasta with mushrooms at Karina's

Watermelon is a commonly served after dinner treat in Greece. . .

Mythos beer in Greece

These were the highlights. . . but I’m sad I don’t have any Antiparos pics, as that was the most unique meal.



  1. ok, so much of this looks amazing (minus the seafood…ick) but i have to tell you that i LOVE a salad on top of my pizza! i always get one like that at california pizza kitchen (there are a couple made like this).

  2. YUM! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  3. MMMM…’re very very right!!! I would LOVE that salad. Before I even saw your comment I said yummy that looks good!!! 🙂
    All that food looks amazing. I sure wish we had more food like that in America, it looks so good and healthy!!! Thanks for sharing!

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