Posted by: illinigirl | January 4, 2011

I resolve to stop sucking at life

On resolutions. . . some years, I am better than others.

My year of volunteerism = huge success.

The year of me = huge failure.

Have a ton of things I’d like to work on. . . but I will just pick a few reasonable ones off this list, and just *think about* (likely meaning just that) the others:

  • Plant some tomatoes in my yard.
  • Get my house 100% organized again (or for the first time, in this house).
  • Organize my closet by clothing type.
  • Try to clean up more during the week so that my house doesn’t look like a trash pit from hell by Friday night every week.
  • Join a gym, seeing as it’s too flipping cold to run up here
  • Actually get to the point where I *want* to run
  • Stop the cellulite from attacking my legs
  • Get to bed by 11:00 p.m. every night (ideally, this would be 10:30 or 10:00, given when I wake up)
  • Take more naps
  • Be more zen
  • Date more
  • Stop sucking at blogging
  • Send more *real* mail to people
  • Make more time to cook
  • Spend less time on the computer
  • Read more

I am picking the ones in red. . . although the blogging one is more difficult, as it is at odds with several other goals.

The *real* mail was inspired by much suckiness from last year.  I sucked at sending people cards and communicating outside of facebook (and occasional calls).  I love Christmas cards because at that time of year, I get updates on a number of people who I never talk to electronically.  My two favorite Christmas cards are always from two such special people.  I need to be better about writing them (and all my friends) outside of the Christmas season.

While I’m extremely grateful for technology (It’s how I stay in touch with all of YOU!), nothing beats a real card, you know?

I wanted to show a video from CBS This Morning of Faith Salie talking about resolutions. . . but they haven’t posted the video online.  She suggested the the *easy* goals of falling in love and staying in love as resolutions.  Um, it would be easier to find a cure for cancer before holding true to those resolutions, but thanks for your help!  😉

Happy 2011, everyone!  🙂




  1. If you are successful with the cellulite/thigh thing… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your secret on here. FYI – I don’t want the solution to involve cutting back on my favorite foods/snacks/beer or involve any type of actual excercise. Thank you.


    • That is PRECISELY the type of solution I’m looking for! Some kind of solution that doesn’t involve exercise and somehow incorporates pasta, chocolate, and beer.

      If I come up with this, I will be able to blog more because I’ll be able to quit my job and will be ROLLING in dough. 😉

  2. They are all good goals, and after reading them, I realize that I too, want to do almost every single one of them too! Minus the dating more 😉 But good for you, let me know when you accomplish them that way it will motivate me to do something productive with my life!!!!!! Because if you think you suck at life, come live with me for a couple days!!!!!!!! 😉

    • I will keep you posted! 🙂

  3. And send me some of those yummy tomatoes will you….that is a goal I cant accomplish without garden/yard space! Thanks!

  4. every year i swear that i am going to like to run and i never do. this year, right?

  5. Hannah –

    Last year was my most successful resolution year – my top resolution was to give up buying books (unless I had gift certificates) and start using the library….I did not pay $ for an entire book in 2010 – woohoo and I read a lot of them. I enjoyed the library and sometimes the stress of trying to get through the books before they were due.

    This year, my resolutions are:
    *Go to Church more often
    *Better at flossing my teeth
    *Continue to use the library
    *Workout more; not just running for once

  6. […] I look at my list from last year. . . I had some successes/some failures. . […]

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