Posted by: illinigirl | December 26, 2010

Christmas Baby Preview

Uploading and editing pictures at my parents’ house is PAINFUL, but here is sneak preview of a few pictures of the cuties. . .

How pretty am I???

All the great-grandkids (minus one). You might ask, "Illini_girl, why didn't you use a better shot?" Well, there wasn't a better shot! This is called "one minute from a chain reaction of babies crying!" When one baby gets upset, their spidey senses click in, and they call sense it. 🙂

Ready for bed, but chillin with Great-Uncle Rick in the meantime. . .



  1. i bet those babies were spoiled rotten this xmas (and rightfully so).

  2. That picture looks like a baby Hannah!

    I hope you are doing well. I am reading your blog over coffee this morning. Headed back to two days of work before the next holiday.

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