Posted by: illinigirl | December 16, 2010

Honey, we’re out of Miracle Whip. . .

I always think of supplies I HATE running out of. . . things that either trigger an immediate trip to the store, or I’m irritated when they are gone.  Some are probably common to everyone. . . like basic toiletries. . . but here are some of my quirks.

Toilet paper–Of course, this is not a cool thing to run out of. . . and I’m happy to say that I never have. . . but I’m sad to say that instead of continuing to buy it for my master bathroom, I will first steal from my other guest bathrooms before I get really motivated to buy it again.

Foundation–My foundation looks like the bottle below and is Lancome brand.  I love it. . . BUT the bottle never shows you where the level is. . . it always looks completely fleshy colored.  This is not helpful in planning when you might run out.

Paper towels–I know it’s not *green*, but I’m paper towel obsessed.  I use a ton, especially when I cook.  On the positive side, I use select-a-size. . . so I only use what I need.

Almond Hershey Kisses–Seriously.  I cannot run out of these.  I think I’d go without toilet paper before I went without these.

Sleepytime Extra Tea from Celestial Seasonings–Must have a back-up box at all times.

Thick lotion of some kind (Aquaphor advanced therapy or Neutragena hand cream) and mint chapstick–My hands and lips must be properly moisturized before bed or I’m NOT going to sleep.

Extra Green Gum–I need to have this at all times.  I probably go through ~a pack and 1/2 per week. . . and I chew HALF pieces.  This tells you how much I chew gum.  I *can* deal with something else if I’m out. . . but it’s just a poor woman’s substitute.  Other brands of gum do NOT keep flavor as well (although Extra Wintergreen is a close 2nd. . . if I’m being wild, I’ll throw that in the mix).

Blueberries–When I go to make pancakes and don’t have these. . . things are NOT pretty.  I mean, I could fix plain pancakes, but. . . they are so. . . plain.

Ranch dressing (Hidden Valley Ranch Original became my brand of choice when Kraft changed formulas)–I buy giant bottles, and usually have a back-up in the pantry.  I eat salads A LOT.  Nothing irritates me more than running out of this.

What are your items that you NEED???



  1. mine would be diet dr. pepper. i don’t drink coffee so i have one of these a day. for the rest of the family, it would be salsa, cheese and yogurt. we should buy stock in the stuff.

  2. i LOVE this post!

    I never hesitate to stock up on things that I know we’ll use when I see a good deal on them.

    My list includes:
    Toilet paper
    Paper towels (I also use select-a-size and feel better about myself b/c of it ;))
    Cereal – there are always about a dozen boxes here. My kids eat a ton of it.
    Clinique foundation – same kind of bottle, same problem.

    There are more, but I don’t want to look crazy.

    Um, do you actually eat Miracle Whip? B/c that stuff is gross.

    • Sorry, Nicole. I come from a Miracle Whip family. I can’t do regular mayo! 🙂

  3. I require toilet paper also….and ketchup.

  4. Sugar Free Coffee Mate French Vanilla coffee creamer. Can’t do mornings without coffee!

    Toilet paper or paper towels (I use the select-a-size also b/c I use a lot)

    Laundry detergent.


    Ranch dressing

    Don’t really care if I run out of makeup…:)

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