Posted by: illinigirl | November 23, 2010

I just don’t get it

Yeah, I know that with the new body scans at airports, you can pretty much see down to your privates. . .

. . . and nobody likes being groped by a creepy stranger at the airport. . .

But seriously.  Do you understand how easy it could be to get something on a plane?  It’s absolutely freaky.  Do you understand that people have been caught recently trying to do shady things on planes?

LA-DEE-FREAKIN-DA if somebody sees you practically naked or pats you down.  This process could prevent a terrorist from doing something stupid.


<end of rant>

This being said, I’m really happy to be able to drive home for the holidays.  Not because I don’t want a pat-down (because a pat-down may not always be so bad). . . but just because I hate holiday travel.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  🙂



  1. More than caring about someone seeing me naked (because, seriously, my modesty is GONE after having babies), I care about exposure to radiation (or my kids being exposed to radiation), and the fact that if you choose not to do that, your only other choice is being groped.

  2. after working in the airline industry, i agree with you 100% hannah. with anywhere from 1-5 flights a day, all i wanted to do was return home safely. if that meant that people had to be frisked, groped, xrayed, i was/am okay with that. i had to do it too and i understood why.

  3. You know that when we give up these freedoms and start letting strangers peek at our goodies, then they win!! 😉

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