Posted by: illinigirl | October 31, 2010

Halloween in NYC

I thought that tonight, I’d reach back into the vault and tell you about a Halloween from seven years ago.  CRAZY that it’s been that long ago.

Queen Lizzle and I decided to meet up in New York City for Halloween. . . . and I don’t think I realized how entertaining it would be.  I mean, people watching in NYC is amazing every day, and Halloween took this to a whole new level.

The first night in town, we dressed up.  I was an angel. . . and Queen Lizzle was a devil.  (This is not at all representative of our personalities.  We are actually a good mixture of both.)

We went to a laid back bar and had a few beers while talking to some actor dude in some sort of strange costume (cereal box or something?).  Random.

We walked out of the bar to take a cab back to the hotel. . . and there were police officers standing outside, which I didn’t think anything of.

Lizzle and I were in the back seat of the cab talking and laughing. . . when we noticed that a police car was following us. . . and then seemed to be signaling for the taxi driver to pull over.  Lizzle said, “Sir, I think they want you to pull over.”

The driver pulled over, and the police officers asked us to roll down our window, and gave us each one of these:

No real other discussion. . . just told us to have a good night, and we drove away so I’m not sure what the point of this was!  Queen Lizzle and I laid in the back seat laughing the entire rest of the way to our hotel because. . . WHAT JUST HAPPENED??

Randomness at it’s finest!

Happy Halloween!



  1. i think this is still by far my favorite halloween.

    fun times x infinity! 🙂

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